Ottawa Marathon Training / Week 20

Monday : Core Strength

Actual : Planned to do core strength with a buddy, but she rescheduled until tomorrow.  Ran 2k at Rest Day pace.

17626313_785997144908926_4128132878398041918_nTuesday : Planned 8k Easy / Cross Training

  • Actual : Ran 5.5k with a buddy, but it wasn’t easy because of snow and slush.   There was no advantage to finish the 8k.  I can guarantee that the Ottawa Marathon will not have snow and slush underfoot, so I didn’t see the need to continue today.
  • 30 minutes on stationary bike,  15 minutes on elliptical, followed by yesterday’s rescheduled CxWorx.

Wednesday : Planned vV02Max – Warm Up. / 5 x 800 meters, recover equal time Cool Down 2k

Actual : The streets today were yucky after last night’s freezing rain / snow.  I considered doing a treadmill workout but then decided to simply switch with Friday’s cross training day.  I did run 5k to warm up, then 5 miles on stationary bike and 85 floors on Stair Climber.

Thursday : Planned 10k Easy

Actual :  Nailed it. Ran 5k with a buddy, then continued to run another 5k solo.

17457636_786575288184445_3350881713408419424_nFriday :  Cross Training

Actual : Today’s workout was done on Wednesday, and Wednesdays speedwork was done today.  800 meter intervals ranged from 4:15 to 4:30 minutes, so I have seen some huge progress there.  Previous attempts were 4:50 to 5:00 minutes.  If I can believe Bart Yasso, my marathon can be done in 4 and a half hours,  20 minutes faster than my goal time. I don’t believe him.


Saturday : Planned Rest Day

Actual : 2k Active Recovery Run.  Right hamstring tight, note to self: extra attention with foam roller


Sunday : Planned Warm Up. 5k Tempo. Cool Down

Actual : Family Stuff got in the way and I wasn’t able to run until late evening.   No Tempo, just a simple 5k run.

This training period is flying by.  It will be Marathon Day before I know it.  I thought the winter running was behind me but apparently I was wrong about that.  I am looking forward to warmer temperatures.



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