Ottawa Training / Week 7




Monday – Rest Day

After last week’s aborted training plan, I decided to start this week with a Rest Day.  To plan anything else would be to set myself up for failure. It is Boxing Day, which means Christmas Round 2 for my family.  I ran a gentle 2 miles in the morning before the festivities began. Calories burned: 235. Calories consumed : 4650.





Tuesday – 15km

I over achieved today  with 21.1k, which is part of my 2016 goal to run a HM every month. It kind of makes up for the lost mileage over the last few days. It was icy so I had to wear spikes. That should count for bonus miles, right?

Wednesday- 5k easy

Done as planned

20161230_200017Thursday – 5k Repeats

The intervals didn’t happen because the road conditions were tricky but I ran 8k at steady pace. ( again with spikes)  Note to self :learn to embrace the treadmill



Friday – 10k ( circuits)

Lazy day, after work I napped and then my lazy ass sat on the couch all day reading a book.  Weather is frightful.  Managed 2 windy miles in the evening, icy conditions.

Saturday – Rest Day

I did yesterday’s workout today. It was a good trade off. Great run for the last day of 2016.

Sunday – Cross Training

I started the day with a sluggish 5k and the day went downhill from there. If napping is a from of cross-training, then I nailed this workout.  Seriously, who works out on New Years Day?


Thank goodness the holidays are over. These last two weeks have been difficult for sticking with a training plan. And so much food!   I am ready to start week 8 with more focus.  The weather continues to throw challenges at me with ice, slush and wind so I shall have to plan to visit the gym frequently to move this training inside.

Keep on keeping on, everyone.


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