Law Enforcement Torch Run ~ a Race Review

A few weeks ago Coach P. suggested that I run a 10k race to measure my progress. For 6 weeks I have been training specifically to improve my running economy and he felt that I could easily beat my current time of 59:23 at this distance.  There aren’t many local 10k races at this time of year,  but I found this one practically in my own backyard.  Bonus… the race director is a member of my running group (Riverview Running Idiots) and I am happy to support her.

In the days leading up to the race, Coach P. and I discussed different race strategies and he gave me specific paces for each split.  I was looking forward to the challenge of hitting these targets.  The day before the event we realized that the weather was not going to be favorable and he told me to forget the paces that he had given me and to just go out there and give it a good effort.  Oh.. and to have fun with it.   We were expecting a strong tail wind on the first half of the race and he told me to go out fairly fast as the second half would be a lot slower with a headwind.

DrrER9VVAAE_4GqRace day weather was worse than we expected.  I looked out my window at 6am to see a layer of fresh snow on the ground and could hear the wind howling outside.   By race time the precipitation had turned to rain….yucky, cold slushy rain!   The wind was coming from the wrong direction which meant that the first 5k would be against the wind.  At this point I realized that it would be futile to even attempt to run this one with an eye on a PB.  The weather was so crappy that I opted to forgo my usual 15 minute warm up jog and decided to stay inside ( warm and dry)  and do dynamic stretches instead.  At this point I decided to use the first 5k as a warm up and then push for a decent 5k time on the way back.

As race time approached we reluctantly moved outdoors to the Start area.   The race director gave us some last minute instructions about running safely and then we were off!   The trail was 100% slush!  My feet were frozen for the first 10 or 15 minutes or so.  The first km. was tough but I was surprised that my pace was faster than I had expected in these conditions.  The wind was relentless and I was mentally counting down the minutes until we reached the halfway point and I could turn around.

It was a pleasure to run the entire distance with one of my running buddies, John.  His pace is naturally faster than mine but he slowed down to a recreational pace to keep me company, for which I was grateful.  We slogged along side by side, finally reaching the turnaround point where we could gratefully turn our backs to the wind.  Ahhhh.. this was so much better.   Our halfway time was just under 30 minutes and I realized that a Personal Best might be possible after all.

DrrEWtcVAAAAHrAOn the return trip we kept a steady pace even though the underfoot conditions got worse and worse.  The final 2.5k was especially difficult as the 5k participants had really trampled the trail  and it had become a mucky mess.   As we neared the Finish Line I hit the proverbial Wall.  I could barely lift my legs off the ground and I paused momentarily to dry heave before shuffling my way across the Finish Line for a time of 58:21…. a solid 63 seconds off my previous best.  All the running economy training had paid off!

Bonus : John hit his 2018 target goal of 3000km at the 8km mark. It was an honor to share that moment with him.

I would recommend this race  if you are looking for a late fall  non-competitive event.  It was well organized and punctual.  Registration includes tech shirt and medal. This event attracts recreational runners and walkers, and it even has a kid’s option.   It is a small community event which supports Special Olympics.    A photographer was on hand to provide some fantastic photos of all participants.  Kudos to the volunteers who stood outside in this crappy weather so the rest of us could play in the puddles.

Photo credit to Kris Acker


October in Review.

Wow.. so much has changed since the last time I posted here  just after Maritime Race Weekend in September. At that time I had missed my 5k goal ( sub 26) by 23 seconds and I planned to continue to pursue that goal.  I had been training for this since January, with 5 weeks off for injury, so it was nice to take a mental break for a few days.    Discussion with my coach prompted me to register for Run for Renee 5k Halloween edition on Oct 28, with plans to do some key workouts to prepare myself for the elusive sub 26 goal. I really wanted to get this goal out of the way before I started marathon training.

Wait, what?  Marathon training?  That escalated quickly.

Here is how it happened…. I’ve been working on my 5k speed, but my underlying goal  has been to build a strong base so I can knock a ton of time off my marathon time.  To be precise I want to take 68 minutes off my best marathon time of 5:11:34.  In case you are wondering,  my BQ standard is 4:05.  Yep, you read it here first… Diane is going to work her butt off this winter and try to BQ in the Spring.  You  might consider this goal to be lofty, but keep in mind that I have finished 2 marathons, but I have never raced a marathon before.

The Marathon I chose is Sugarloaf Marathon in May. Registration opened on October 1 and by 11 am on that day I had secured a place. It is going to be a grand adventure!


October 1 was a pivotal day for me because that is also the day that I started working with a new coach.  By mutual agreement Coach Jackal and I suddenly broke up at the end of September and I started shopping for a new coach.  While interviewing potential coaches, I eliminated a couple immediately because they don’t endorse a Run Streak.  In  the end I chose  Coach PG.  The biggest reason why I chose him is that he believes that I can do it, and he believes that he can create a plan that will make it possible for me to succeed.    I am not sure if I believe in myself, so it’s important that someone does, right?

With a new coach, my training plan changed dramatically.  Coach PG reviewed my running logs and told me that I needed to run slower.  Huh?  I want to run faster, and he is telling me to run slower?  We are also dismissing my 5k specific training. He wants to spend a couple of months working on improving my running economy / endurance before starting marathon training in January.  He supports my running streak but insists that I spend my “Off” Day running 15 minutes at an extremely Slow pace.  This is a big change for me, as previously I had a 3 mile a day habit, and never as slow as I have been running this  month.

Coach PG sends me a detailed plan every week, so there is no guesswork.  I know how long to run, and at what pace.  This is how my training is broken down every week.

  • Three times a week I run for 40 minutes at an Easy Pace of 7:15 to 7:30 /km.   My 5k pace is 5:12/ km, and I had previously considered 6:30 to 6:45 to be a comfortable pace so it was really difficult to slow it down initially.
  • Once a week I do a 90 minute Long Run at a 6:30 to 6:50 pace.   Coach PG has discovered that my weakness is Hills, so he has me run a hilly route on my Long Run for a double whammy.  In four weeks I have seen a big improvement in my mastery of those hills.
  • Twice a week I do some sort of speedwork, which varies weekly.
  • On the seventh day I rest. Well, I run a maximum of 15 minutes which is the same as resting, right?  Initially PG required me to run a 7:45 pace on my Rest Day but I struggled horribly with it so  he conceded to allow me to run at a 7:30 pace.


It is going well and I am enjoying the challenge of staying within the parameters of Coach PG’s recommended paces. My running volume hasn’t changed much, with my October total being 140 miles but my legs are feeling less fatigued.

I had still planned to race the Run For Renee 5k, but crappy weather kept me home. It is a 90 minute drive and I chose not to drive in slushy freezing precipitation. Coach PG substituted a quality workout instead. I love that he does all the thinking and all that I have to do is run!

October is a beautiful month for running and I have embraced the cooler temperatures of Autumn.  By running slower I am able to really appreciate the smells and colors that Mother Nature has blessed us with.  Running through autumn leaves on a grey day always gives my heart a lift.  Trail therapy is truly the best therapy.


It is always a treat to run outdoors.  Happy Trails everyone!




Maritime Race Weekend – Race Review

What a weekend!   This was a destination race with a sunset run on Friday night, and sunrise run on Saturday.   It is about  a 3 hour drive from my house and I traveled with a couple of ladies from my run group.   We stopped to pick up my niece on route, who was running her first Half Marathon.  How exciting!

The race comes highly recommended by several of my running friends and they weren’t wrong.  It has a fun pirate theme,  and runners were encouraged to dress as pirates for the Friday evening 5k.  I opted not to wear a costume as this was my goal race but it was fun to see pirates everywhere.  ( I didn’t want to miss the party so I donned my pirate attire after I crossed the Finish Line)

The race was in a quaint fishing village aptly named Fishermen’s Cove.  It was a delight for the senses… the tangy smell of salt air, the powerful crashing of the surf against the rugged coastline, and the picturesque view of the fishing harbor.   The Start / Finish area  sounded like a Maritime Kitchen Party, with the soundtracks  of Great Big Sea and The Rankins, etc. providing some toe stomping, knee slapping music.

FB_IMG_1537994413830I was scheduled for a 5k on Friday night and a 5k on Saturday morning.  As I mentioned before, this was my goal race but I hadn’t decided when I would “go for it.”  The plan was to analyze conditions on Friday  and make my decision then. The weather was good and  I felt good so I opted to go for it during the Sunset Run on Friday. Despite the large party crowd I was able to perform a decent warm up before making my way into the corral with 1963 other runners.


The race started with the firing of a musket.  Pretty cool, eh?  We surged forward and I realized immediately that it was going to be hard to hit my goal pace of 5:12 km with so many runners surrounding me.   My first split was  a disappointing 5:35 , followed by 5:11/ 5:14 / 5:12 /5:11 for a total time of 26:23…….. 23 seconds off my goal of 26 minutes.  I can’t be disappointed because it was  PB of 13 seconds AND I  nailed my splits in the last 4 kilometers.  To add to the excitement, there were real pirates at the Finish Line with finisher medals.


I thought the atmosphere couldn’t get any better, but the harbor was cloaked in a mysterious  mist of fog on Saturday morning.  The sun was just beginning to burn through the fog when I joined 1850 runners toeing the start line. ( There are 4 distances to choose from on Saturday……5k / 10k / Half Marathon and Marathon, all starting at the same time.)   Once again the firing of a musket signaled the beginning of the race and we were off.20180915_072353

I had planned to run this one at a Recovery Pace after the previous evening’s effort but I got caught up in race atmosphere and finished in 27:19 and I felt good the whole time.  I am happy with this result so soon on the heals of a great run the previous evening.

The nice thing about running a 5k is that after you cross the Finish Line, you get to cheer everyone else on.  There were several people from my Run Group there and it was nice to see them cross the Finish Line.   It was especially sweet to see a coworker and my niece finish their first Half Marathons.

This is a great race if you love bling.  In addition to the finisher medals for each race, there is  a Tartan Twosome Medal if you do the Sunset 5k and a Saturday morning race.  If you want even more bling you can do the sister race The Tidal Trail in June and receive a Super Nova medal!  Did I mention that real pirates are at the Finish Line to pass out the medals.?

The out and back 5k course is mostly flat with a slight incline.  Bonus salt air for the entire route. I understand that the 10k and HM routes are hilly.

I was impressed with the event organizers for paying attention to details to make this a positive experience for all participants.  They have a huge presence on Social Media and it was very cool to follow their posts in the months leading up to the event.

My only gripe that I have about this event is the lack of distance markers.    I didn’t see even one distance marker on my 5k route but I was wearing a Garmin so it wasn’t a big deal.  My niece has no Garmin and she didn’t see any distance markers on her half marathon route.  She asked at two aid stations but the volunteers couldn’t provide here with the information.  At one water stop she was told that she was at about 14km.  Listen up, race organizers!  Not every runner owns  a Garmin. Gasp!    Don’t add unnecessary stress by making runners guess where they are.  For an event that excelled at so many small details, they really dropped the ball on this.

oh, one more thing… not enough porta potties, or maybe the problem was that there were too many runners who needed a “nervous pee” before the race.  It wasn’t a problem for me as I just ducked behind a fishing shanty to do my business.

Oh, now that I think about it, I am not a fan of mass starts either.  By starting each distance separately , it would alleviate a lot of crowding in the corrals and porta pottie lines.  Give the marathoners a head start to take advantage of the cooler morning air AND so there will still be people to applaud them when they cross the finish line.

That is my rant of the day.

All in all, it was  a great weekend.  Good friends, good weather and a great race!





Week Review June 16 – June 22

Last week saw me fall into a rut. A foot injury has derailed my training for September’s Maritime Race Weekend 5k. Race. My sub-25 goal is in jeopardy as I have not been able to any quality runs for 5 weeks.  Until last week I was diligent about cross training but then I started wallowing in that rut.  My training has fallen by the wayside and my nutrition has been total crap.

I usually record my activities daily but a whole week has passed by without even one workout being recorded.  A few days ago a Twitter conversation saw me encourage someone to keep a journal / blog to keep themselves accountable.  As I tweeted that response I felt like such a hypocrite as I am  not even going through the motions this week. It is definitely time to reset.

Yesterday I  gave myself a gentle kick in the pants, then I forgave myself for neglecting my self care, and I am happy to say that I am back on track.  Today I had a fantastic workout at the gym.  It was quite simple- stationary bike, rowing and rope pulling, etc . I won’t bore you with the play-by-play , but it felt great to be actively working towards my goal.

My foot injury is getting better but now I am plagued with a tight achilles / calf.  My PT gave me some stretches to do and it really hurts to do them.  I am torn between listening to my body when it tells me to Stop, or listen to my PT when she assures me that the stretches will not cause more damage as long as I do them slowly. For now I am listening to PT and already seeing progress.   The achilles has even stopped whining when I stretch now, so that is a good thing, right?

Run Streak continues, with the approval of my PT. There will be no quality running workouts for at least two more weeks, but I am  blessed to be able to run short easy runs every day.  Running Mileage for the week was a mere 14 miles, with another 8 miles recorded while walking. It is a gift to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air. All of my running miles are on the soft flat surfaces of the Riverfront Trail or Mill Creek Nature Trail.  No paved routes for me for awhile!  Both of these trails allow me to immerse myself in nature, which is  good for the soul.  mill creek.jpg


Weekly summary June 9 to 15

As the week begins I am nursing a foot injury and am being disciplined by keeping my runs short on soft, flat surfaces. It is beginning to get boring and on some days it is a chore.


Today was a scheduled Rest Day but yesterday I was fatigued and opted to rest then, meaning that today is now Cardio Day.

2km Run, Mill Creek Nature Park

Gym – Elliptical / Speed Work. / 1 minute, 2 minute, 2 minute, 4 minute , 5 minute/ one minute slow recovery in between.  Total distance including warm up, cool down – 4 miles

Lower Body Strength , no leg curls as it aggravates the foot.


2km Run / 3km Walk

Shallow water exercises in very cold water./ Epsom salt bath / 2 hour nap


2km Run, Mill Creek Nature Park

Gym – 15 minutes Stair Climber, 52 floors / 30 minutes  Elliptical Moderate Pace / 30 Minutes Strength Training, mostly Upper Body.

Pain in foot has been downgraded from ‘sore’ to a ‘niggle.’  Achilles/ calf is tight.


2km Run.

Today has to be a Rest Day because I literally have no time for anything.  Work, then watch the grandson, then lawn bowling league game, then bed.

12 ends Lawn Bowling Triples. ~  not a good idea with an injured left foot.


More lawn bowling today, two 14-end games.  Surprisingly the injured foot held up well.

2km running at Riverfront Trail in the evening, followed by short walk.


What crappy weather!  Cold windy rain! Feeling unmotivated today but ran 2k at Mill Creek Nature Park. I skipped the gym and opted for Epsom Bath and then donned my pyjamas to enjoy a luxurious lazy day.


No gym.  Crappy Food. I am in a rut.  2km run at Mill Creek Trail. Tightness in Achilles and calf.


As the week draws to a  close I am in a big rut, eating crap and skipping gym sessions. Weekly distance capped at 11 miles, a record low week for me.  Still running every day, but not exceeding more than 2km daily.     The injured foot is restricting my running, but there are many other activities that I am capable of doing. I need to give myself a good kick in the pants and get back at it.  It is a blessing to be healthy enough to get off my ass and move.

Next week will be better, right?


Weekly summary: June 2 to June 8

The sore foot is still sore.  More worrisome is the fact that it still shows signs of swelling three weeks after the injury occurred.  My PT cautioned me to run only on flat, soft surfaces.  I am fortunate to have 2 options nearby that fit this bill.. Mill Creek Nature Park and The Riverfront  Trail.



Gym Day – 30 minutes cycling / 10 minutes rowing / 5 minutes cranking / strength

2km run at Mill Creek Nature Park, a flat soft surface

7km walk at Mill Creek Nature Park later with a buddy.


10k – Fourth Leg of Marathon Relay team.    I planned to walk a lot but I failed to execute this plan.  Foot held up well and it was a treat to run so I kept going.  The first half of this was on trail. The second half was on pavement but I was able to run on the graveled shoulder for a lot of it.  I walked up and down every hill.

This run was a violation of my PT’s recommendations  and I do fear that continuing to do this may cause permanent damage so I won’t be doing any  long run for awhile.  I do solemnly swear that I will keep my runs to a maximum distance of 2k until I see her again in 2 weeks.


After yesterday’s long run my foot feels surprisingly good.  Well, at least it doesn’t feel worse and that’s a win, right?   Today I saw my doctor who feels that my foot injury is minor and requires Rest and Time to heal. He did send me for an X-ray to rule out serious injury. He advised me to resume normal activities, using pain as a guide to stop. Sweet!

Gym – 3 miles elliptical , 35 minutes with increasing resistance / 3 x 1 minutes rope pulling machine.

I had planned to do some upper body strength but the doctor’s appt. took longer than expected and so I  arrived at gym later than planned.  This will have to be rescheduled.

2km along Riverfront Trail


2km run / 5km brisk walk along Riverfront Trail

I skipped a planned outing to the Gym.  After working all day and then walking / running 7km my foot is tired. It is not really sore, it just feels tired.  My planned workout was cardio / upper body strength.  I opted to go home for Ice and Elevation ( and ice cream!) and then stretching / mobility drills.


It’s Global Running Day!  I wish I could go for a long run to celebrate but instead opted for my usual 2 km at Mill Creek Nature Park, followed by session at the gym.

33 minutes stationary bike @ 90 RPM / resistance level 6 / heart rate 118-124. / 8 miles including warm up / cool down.

After postponing for 2 days, finally did 30 minutes upper body strength training.


2km Run at Mill Creek Nature Park

5  x 1 minute rowing,  this is a new activity for me and working up gradually

Circuit Training with Weight Machines, Lower Body./  3 x 12 reps. I have avoided these machines since my foot injury three weeks ago.   It went well with the exception of the leg curls and seated leg curls.  Pain in the foot forced me to cancel those.

Mobility / Balance


I had planned Cardio but I am really fatigued so decided to  swap days.  Tomorrow is a scheduled Rest Day and I will do Cardio then.

2km Run

2 hour nap

45 minute walk /stroll with some running friends and children.  Walking with children is like herding cats.

Foot really hurts today.  Maybe the attempted leg curls yesterday?


Running distance this week was 22km, including one clandestine 10k run. Walking distance 12km. (most of the mileage was done on soft flat surface)

20180607_155726A sore foot is no excuse to stop training. My goal is still a sub -25 5k at Maritime Race Weekend in September. Because I can’t do quality runs right now I have tweaked my training plan to include other types of cardio, mostly cycling and elliptical. The workouts vary every day and include speedwork and resistance in addition to moderate pace and easy efforts.   A backyard pool provides more opportunity for exercise, though our air temperature has not even reached 20c (68F) all week and the water temperature is considerably colder.  I swear there are ice cubes at the bottom of the pool. Bonus:  Full body ice bath is keeping the swelling down.  On the days that I get in the pool, my foot feel so much better.   That is what is motivating me to get in water every day.

Strength training has always been simmering on the back burner, and this is a good opportunity to bring it to the front burner.  Good Life Fitness has a couple of  weight machine circuits and I have been spending more time there, in addition to my regular floor exercises at home.
I am keeping the runs short until I see my doctor again next week.   The injured foot is showing improvement but now there is tightness in the calf / Achilles  which requires special attention.  PT has given me some stretches to do to combat the tightness so I have added those to my daily repertoire.  Soon I might not have time to work as I will be spending too much time stretching every day.

For now it is one day at a time, one step at a time.  Hope everyone is having a fab week.




Weekly Recap. May 28 – June 1

As the week begins I am still nursing a foot injury.  In 4 days I will see my PT and get a definite diagnosis, but I suspect that it is a bruise of my 5th metatarsal.  For the past week and a half I have running easy short runs.  My mileage has been reduced by 50% but I have been able to return to other cardio and strength training.


4 km around the neighborhood at a decent pace. Initially I felt lethargic and unmotivated.  About 300m into my run I waved at an elderly gentleman who was working in his garden.  He made a comment that I have come a long way, so I stopped to talk to him. He said that enjoys watching me run past his house every day, and I in turn responded that I enjoy the beauty of his landscaped gardens. I mean,, it is gorgeous! When I left his house, I literally had a spring in my step and ran an enjoyable 4km.  It is  amazing how a few encouraging words can lift your spirits.

Immediately after the run I met my running bestie for a walk. She is recovering from surgery and it was lovely to enjoy her company while enjoying the fresh air.  One hour of brisk walking was a nice way to get some cross training / cardio.

30 minutes of mobility drills.  There is limited movement in the left foot but no pain.


This is another race in the RunNB Super Series.  Points are awarded based on placement in age group. Currently I am in 9th position in my category.  I don’t expect to finish high in the standings today because of the foot injury.  For the past several days the foot has become disgruntled after 20 minutes of running.

My goals today were to

  • Finish
  •  Don’t Injure Foot Further.

It was a cool frosty morning.  My race kit was  packed but I grabbed a pair of mittens on my way out the door. The race takes place in the beautiful farming town of Sussex, about an hours drive from my house.

My race strategy was to take it easy. I opted not to do a warm up run, but settled for dynamic stretches before the race and planned to use my first couple of kilometers as a warm up.

The first kilometer was on rough, uneven broken pavement and I had to stay focused to avoid stepping in potholes or on broken pieces of asphalt.  That is what caused my injury in the first place!  At this point I was playing it by ear… or foot..  just waiting to see how the foot would respond.  I don’t have full flexion so my kick is compromised, but I managed to hold onto a moderate pace without much discomfort.

Before the race I was mentally prepared to walk if I felt it was necessary. As expected my foot started to hurt 20 minutes into the race and I had to decide if it would be best to walk or continue running. I decided to push through to see if it would get worse. My reasoning was that it would be best to get the race over with in the shortest amount of time possible..  you know 60 minutes versus 80 minutes. It didn’t get worse, and actually settled down.

The course was mostly flat with only one incline in the 4th kilometer.  It felt great to pass 2 runners going up the hill and even offer them encouragement as they huffed and puffed their way to the top.  What does up must go down, and 2 kilometers later was a downhill and the foot grumbled about the braking action. Thankfully it was a short hill so I got it done quickly.

At Kilometer 7 was a water station where I stopped for 30 seconds.  There didn’t appear to be any runners in my age group near me, in front or behind, so I concluded (correctly) that a quick break wouldn’t impact the AG standings.  The 30 second break proved to be a good idea, as I left feeling refreshed and energized. The final 3km was flat and I finished feeling strong.  Finish time was 60: 41, 5th AG. It wasn’t my fastest time but it was the best time that I am capable of today.   I was pleased with that.

I was travelling with 2 other runners and we decided to head out to the Sussex bluffs before going home.  It was a 4km round trip hike and offered stunning views of the farming community.

Not surprisingly the foot was sore for the remainder of the day so RICE was in order.



Gym Day – 30 minutes cycling @90 RPM. / 30 minutes Strength Training

2 hour walk / hike with my bestie ~ pavement and trail . Dobson Trail is so peaceful and beautiful. It was very therapeutic for both of us.

2 mile run along the Riverfront Trail.  Windy!  Foot stiff.


20 minutes bicycle ( 5 miles)

10 minutes stair climber  ( 35 floors)

60 minute walk

2 mile run Mill Creek Nature Park

Top of foot is very tender in area of 5th metatarsal.  I did some painting today, which included several climbs up and down the stepladder. ( probably not a good idea. )

mill creekWednesday

Walk 6km

Run 2 km Mill Creek Nature Park

Experiencing some discomfort while running, so kept it short.  Pain extends to ankle / Achilles today.


Walk 8km

Run 2km

I have been walking with a friend who is recovering from surgery.  She is walking the legs off of me.  Afterwards I did an easy 2km run.  Foot is sore.

Today is the day that I have been waiting for… a visit to my PT to get her opinion on this gimp foot.   It looks like I will have to wait for a few more days. She wants me to have an X-ray to rule out a hairline fracture of the 5th metatarsal but I can’t see my family doctor until Monday.  She advised me not to run, but told me that if I did to only run short distances on soft flat surfaces.  If it is indeed a fracture then I will need to stop running. Period.


Okay, I just had to try running.  I went to Mill Creek Nature park and ran on a 1 km section of the trail, then I turned around and ran back.  The foot didn’t hurt.. much.


When I started this silly run streak I only planned to run for 30 days… and then one full year.  It has become a part of my regular routine and I have known that it will have to end sometime.  I also knew that it would probably be an injury that would end it.  As I write this my run streak stands at 1280 days. That is a good run. ( pun intended)

16 days ago I hurt my foot.  For 16 days I have been running on an injured foot.  It has improved I can do most activities without pain now.  I do experience discomfort while running but is still very tolerable.  A visit with my family physician on Monday will determine whether I need to take a few weeks off from running.  And I’m ok with that.

My training has come to a screeching halt so I need to do a major reset. I am on vacation this week so will start my new modified training plan on Monday. This will be a good opportunity to focus on strength training and cross training. Quality runs are out of the question so I will have to focus on  keeping my cardio level up through swimming, biking, etc.  Today we set up our above ground pool so I shall research exercises I can do in shallow water.

In hindsight I realize that I ran more this week than I should have with this injury.  Also I have been doing a lot of gardening / yardwork / house painting and have been using my foot in ways that it is not used to. In spite of the continued abuse, my foot is showing signs of improvement.  Slow improvement is still improvement.