Oh! Christmas Tree

A few weeks ago my Dad declared that he was going to put up a Tree this year.  We had wondered if he would.  The Tree and Decorations all fell under the category of “Stuff That Mom Always Did”  and Mom is not here to do it this year.

Over the past three months Dad has stated several times that he is thankful for his family who have helped him adjust to life without Mom. True to form, several of us showed up yesterday to help him with the Tree Decorating. We had some nostalgic moments as we opened up the trunk that holds the decorations.  There were several handmade ornaments that we have made over the years.  ( Note, if you make an ornament for someone, please sign your name and put the date on it so future generations can cherish it) There were several delicate glass ornaments that dated from their early marriage days, and .. a real treasure… four glass ornaments that Dad remembers from his childhood.  To our delight we also found several packages of icicles.  You know.. the shiny strips of foil that are designed to hang individually on the branches.

Mom always put icicles on the Tree, even after they went out of style.  When I was a child the icicles were made of lead and they were hung with care and then removed with care and draped on a Christmas card to be recycles. In recent years Mom adorned the tree with red bows.  In her honor we put lots of icicles and red bows on the Tree.  Dad says it looks very pretty. What do you think?15589669_10154213209948100_647426000390834431_n


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