Global Running Day

Who are we kidding? In my world Every Day is Running Day.  But I will play along and celebrate Global Running Day with everyone else.  It is meant to be a day of celebrating the joys of running…. and it is global.  People from all over the world are participating. And that is huge.

Still in Recovery Mode from my marathon last week, I am trying to be disciplined by not running for more than 20 minutes everyday.   Today’s effort was a 2k morning shakeout around the neighborhood on a beautiful (rare) sunny morning.

To further celebrate this global celebration, I registered for a local January 1 Resolution Day 5k Run.  I figure January can’t be any colder than our June weather , right?  And the jacket is sweet, with a turquoise option this year.

Running on Global Running Day wouldn’t be complete without posting a selfie to Instagram, tagging @roadrunnersports with hashtags #laceupandexplore and #globalrunningday to be entered into sweepstakes to win Road Runner Sports Graphic Tee.

Social Media is a great way to share this worldwide celebration.  You might want to check out Strava’s #mymiles sweepstakes or the #runchathunt contest for the chance to win cool prizes. ( both contests run through the month of June)

Where ever you are, be sure to do something fun to commemorate this day. Go for a run, register for a race, buy some new shoes.. the possibilities are endless.





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