Ottawa Marathon Training, Week 14

Spoiler Alert: I took the week off.

20170219_160106.jpgEvery Sunday evening I sit down and review my training plan , check my work schedule and family commitments and fine tune my plans for the upcoming week.  On Sunday February 12 I also kept one eye on the weather forecast.   A blizzard was expected to start in the wee hours of Monday morning and continue for more than 30 hours. Another severe weather system  was expected to move in mid week.  It wasn’t going to be a good week for running outdoors.  I have been doing a lot of my quality runs on the treadmill at the gym but knew that it might be  hard to make it to the gym this week.  Besides my body was fatigued from previous week’s Hypothermic Half Marathon, combined with snow shoeing and hard training……. so I decided to just take the week off.

Upon the advice of a friend, I had started my training plan two weeks early so that I would have that extra cushion of time in case of illness / bad weather. . The most challenging part of training for a Spring Marathon is that you have to train in Winter Weather.  On the east coast of Canada we get a few good snowstorms and on this particular week, we got one blizzard and one nor’easter. It seemed like a good time to take a break.


Not sure what Reduced Visibility means?  These two photos were taken seconds apart from my doorstep.  Where did my daughter’s truck go in the second photo?

In hindsight, taking the week off  proved to be a good idea.  During Monday’s blizzard the streets were declared closed except for emergency use only.  Ditto for Thursday’s nor’easter. If you live in snow country then you know that it takes several hours ( days?) to clean up after storms like that.  It is harder to run outdoors the day AFTER a storm because of the slushy snow on the streets combined with high snowbanks that limit visibility. My municipality does a great job of clearing walking trails after a storm and often have them cleared within 24 hours, but in the meantime it can be challenging to find a safe place to run.


I should mention that I didn’t take the week off from physical activity, but I only did what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it, instead of what my Schedule dictated.  The previous week I had  missed one key workout on the treadmill so I did get that done. .  I did make it to the gym twice for cardio. Snow shoveling is a good cardio workout too. And I went show shoeing which was very intense.  And of course I still ran every day because that is  what I do.

20170217_091821.jpgJust a side note regarding my Run Streak:. I still ran every day , even during the storms, but I only went as far and as fast as I wanted.  In case you are wondering I have a plan for stormy days.  My street is a court and it just over  400 meters around.  All I have to do is run around my street 4 times and I have my mile done and I am never far from home.  It is a quiet street with little traffic so it is a good option. On Monday I was able to get out before the storm was too bad, and on Thursday the storm was expected to wane by late afternoon so I just waited it out.

Though I enjoy the discipline of training, it was nice to take  a mental break for one week.  I am glad to be back at ‘er this week though.

Cheers, my friends!


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