Ottawa Marathon Training – Week 8

20170105_153951I took to the streets this week. This is what my regular trail looks like right now.

Monday –  Plan: 5k easy

Ran with a buddy, completed as planned

Tuesday – Plan – Core strength./Yoga

Done, and an evening Group Run 6k / easy pace



Wednesday – Strength Training

My body says Rest. So I did.

Thursday – Tempo 11k

This was only 8k but it felt like 11 !  Extreme wind.  We stopped because we were exhausted.

Friday – Rest

Today felt good so I did some strength training ( that I missed on Wednesday, core work AND intervals. My bad.


Saturday – circuit

I need Rest. I shouldn’t plan a hard workout on Saturdays because it is so busy at work and I am usually beat.   I declare today a well deserved Day of Rest.  It’s a good tradeoff for yesterday’s unplanned workout. I managed an easy 2 mile run.

15941258_735160299992611_4943075046450192473_nSunday – Fartlek

Are you kidding? The streets are crappy, I can barely shuffle let alone Fartlek. Winter is being a Dick, and that inspired this #drawwithyourfeet piece of art. ( yeah, some days I can be very immature)


As always I started the week off strong but then the plan started falling apart by midweek.   Since this seems to be happening every week, I think I need to rework my Plan. On a positive note I had some quality workouts this week even though they weren’t exactly as planned.  I am still trying to balance Flexibility with Consistency.


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