Ottawa Marathon Training Week 13

20170124_153404.jpgThis is my accountability blog.  Writing down my planned workouts and then reporting the actual workout keeps my accountable.  Week 12 ended with a Hypothermic Half Marathon so week 13 will begin with Active Recovery Days.

Monday – Planned 3-4k active recovery

Actual : If I had been running by myself I would have stopped at 2k.  Quads felt good this morning but stiffened up after standing all day at work. The route had one uphill and one downhill.  The Uphill was fine, but Quads shouted Ow Ow Ow all the way down on the Downhill. I didn’t want to disappoint my running buddy by stopping so I kept going.  But I forewarned her that I would not exceed 4k.  I stopped at 4k, she continued for 2 more kilometers while I stretched.

Tuesday -Planned 2-4k Active Recovery / Core strength

Actual :  My running group meets on Tuesdays. Distances and  paces vary, with most people opting for 5k -8k.  I was tempted to do 5k but decided to do 3.5k. Afterwards I met a  friend for CxWorx.  Quads are still sore from Sunday’s HM so I opted for some of the easier modifications. Great workout.

Wednesday -Strength Training /Core strength

Actual : Nailed it!  2k warm up and 5k cool down.

Thursday – 10k easy 

On Thursdays I run with a friend who usually lets me determine the distance.  Today she balked at 10k because she planned a double Zumba session later.  She is too stubborn to run a short distance with me and then stop; she will drag her ass the entire distance.  I dragged her for 8k and then mercifully let her stop.  After she left I ran another 2k.  Cold day (7F) with brisk northeasterly wind.  Brrrrr.

Friday – Planned Tempo ( 5k @6:30 km)

With a nor’easter overnight and frigid temperatures today, this wasn’t happening outdoors!  I wasn’t sure how to translate this effort to treadmill miles so I set the treadmill at Level 6.0  (10:00 minute mile @ .5 incline) It felt about right.

20170212_151201.jpgSaturday – Planned Rest Day

What is this Rest Day of which ye speak?  I had an opportunity to go snow shoeing.  Never mind that I haven’t done this particular activity for at least 2 years.  It was a great day exploring new trails.  Total distance. 5.15 km.


Planned – Sunday -Lactate stackers.  8 x 100 meters

Actual: This didn’t happen.  The perfect snow beckoned me again and I decided to go snow shoeing again.  It was a lovely afternoon and it was easy to convince myself that snow shoeing was  a nice substitute.  Will try to fit the lactate stackers  into next week sometime.

Summary: Another week closer to Ottawa Marathon. The week went well despite a late-week snowstorm.  The running conditions were not ideal, which resulted in one treadmill run but the snow shoeing conditions were excellent and I took advantage of the opportunity to do some cross training.  I skipped one Quality Run and will need to adjust next week’s schedule to accommodate it.

Next week is a recovery week and I am grateful for that.  My body is looking forward to it.

Happy Trails. everyone. !20170212_153104


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