Brian the Lion ( My Mane Man)

20170228_153515This is my new Mane Man.  He has come all the way from Australia to help me train for the Ottawa Marathon ( and beyond.) Brian the Lion is a gift from my IR4 Buddy Abigail.  You can read about how I became matched with Abigail through the I Run 4- Siblings, the Unsung Heroes here.(. I Run 4 Abigail)

Abigail sent me a package which I received a few days ago.  The parcel included the usual treats (TimTams) and a few other items including this knitted critter. He is a very likeable fellow and I think that we are going to get along just fine. I especially love that his tag reminds me to “Be Brave and Courageous.” Sometimes I need that reminder.





I hope Brian likes Canadian winters.  We are going to be doing a lot of our training outdoors, and March isn’t always kind.  I am looking forward to sharing many training adventures with Brian.





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