Resolution Run / Race Volunteer

The Resolution run is offered in my city on New Years Day at 11 am.  It’s  a great way to start the year.  It’s a fun event and I have enjoyed running this race for the past two years. This year I was there again but I had a different perspective. This year I was a volunteer.

The running community is awesome and I have been wanting to give back to this community.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to volunteer at a couple of local races and I managed to get this started on Jan 1.

15875229_1042820579163100_2043395521817020778_oMy assigned positon was at the water station.  This route is a triple loop.  It’s a short loop and you go around 3 times.  The water station was set up at the beginning of the loop so we got to see all the runners 3 times.  It was a lovely day, about 5 degrees, and the runners were having a great time.  We had music blasting and we were rocking to the beat. As one runner came around the corner I wondered why she was laughing. When I handed her a cup of water she said that she was listening to “Moves Like Jagger’ and as she rounded the corner she saw me Moving Like Jagger.

I didn’t know the other volunteers but we cheered and yelled, offering encouragement to the runners.  It was a wonderful time and I am still smiling as I think of it.  I think I prefer volunteering to running . It is certainly more affordable!  You can expect to see me at a few more local races this year.


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