Ottawa Training Plan / Week 6

It is Christmas week.  I have a training plan. Let’s see how it goes.

20161217_080529Monday – 8km easy

I ended up running with a friend and we did 6.5km. It was icy in places. And very cold.

Tuesday – Tempo / core strength

This was a good day.  It was a Group Run and I deliberately ran with faster runners.. great 6k.  followed by cxworx core at the gym.

Wednesday – Circuit

This was a half assed effort.

Thursday – 8k easy

didn’t happen.  This is Christmas week, for heavens sakes.  I work hard and I am tired. 3k done but  I had a fantastic bonus core workout at the gym.

Friday – 11k easy

Did I mention that I am tired. Work is really taking a toll on my body.  I managed 7k.

20161224_204502Saturday – Vo2Max

Are you kidding me?  It’s Christmas Eve, I have been up since 3 am and  I worked my ass off so all the people in Riverview can have fresh breads and rolls for Christmas.  I AM TIRED!  but I did  manage 3k, or was it 2k?  I can’t remember.

Sunday – 10k

Merry Christmas. 10k would have been good but I settled for a windy 6k.  The wind was fierce so it was the equivalent of 10k.




Summary:  It is Christmas week and I had good intentions but I had forgotten how chaotic things get at work.  I was feeling pretty beat up by Thursday and I made the decision to forgo the training plan and just run by feel for a few days. I need a break, mentally and physically and plan to get back at it next week.

Cheers! y’all !

I will leave you with a picture of some of the carbs that I am being forced to eat this week.



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