Christmas Procrastination

I just found this gem in my Drafts.  For some reason I didn’t publish it last year but it is still relevant this year. It is interesting to note that this year I broke my rule about No Tree Until After the 14th..( it went up on the 12th- the earliest ever! )  That won’t happen again.

2015 – Dec 15 – My Christmas tree is up, with 10 days to spare.  This is earlier than most years.  I have an unwritten rule that the tree is not assembled until after my Anniversary.  Not that one has anything to do with the other.  Thirty  years ago I got married eleven days before Christmas.  In 1985 my focus was on planning a wedding and then I crammed Christmas preparations into the final week. And that has set the tone for subsequent years.

I am a procrastinator by nature and I take a lot of pride in NOT starting Christmas stuff until at least December.  Christmas shopping?  Nope, it is not done.  Baking? Nope! Decorating? well.. sort of.  The tree is up and it is decorated ” as good as it’s gonna be. ”  All of the extra cluttery doodads and trinkets went back in the box and aren’t even going to see the light of day this year . Bah Humbug!

No offense to those of you who put your tree up before my Halloween decorations are down.  Or spend weeks arranging Christmas villages and stringing lights and baking lots of yummy treats.  I do scoff at you early shoppers who start your yearly spending spree in January.  Do you really think you are saving money by stockpiling presents and stashing them in closets and forgetting what you bought and then buying more presents ‘ to even things out.?”  Part of the magic of Christmas is visiting the crowded stores and seeing friends / relatives whom you have not seen since LAST December. Going to Walmart is like going to Old Home Week .

Merry Christmas everyone.




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