PEI Marathon Race Review / Running Past Idiots at the Finish Line

Part 2

What a weekend!  In addition to running my first Marathon I got to hang out with some pretty cool people.  If you have been paying attention then you know that I belong to a group called the Riverview Running Idiots.  We like to have fun when we run.

14572827_10154454842767324_8777691324814050607_nOne of the ladies owns a cottage in Stanley Bridge PEI and she generously offered accommodation to any one who was  participating in the PEI Marathon.  There were eleven of us who broke bread together Saturday night and then bedded together.  Because I was running a Marathon I got to sleep in the King Size Bed with my running mate Rhonda.

Three of us were running the Marathon.  The others were running shorter distances or just came over to PEI to cheer us on.   They all promised to be at the Finish Line cheering loudly. They weren’t kidding!



14691149_972501116195047_8312412249923069442_oOne of my running buddies met me at Kilometer 41 and ran the final 1000 meters with me. When I rounded the final corner I could hear cowbells and loud cheers.  To my amazement there were 15 Running Idiots lined up in the middle of the street, spaced about 10 feet apart.  As I ran through this gauntlet of Idiots, they high fived me and cheered me on.   I was never felt adrenalin like that before!  Crossing that Finish Line was Magic !



What a wonderfully supportive bunch of Idiots.  I am blessed to be a  part of this silly little group.



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