Ottawa Marathon Training / Week 16

Has it really been 16 weeks since I started training for this marathon? That must mean that there are only 12 weeks remaining until the race.  I am not sure if I am excited or scared to death. ..?  As always, keeping a journal keeps me accountable and focused.  This is how Week 16 looks.

Monday – Warm Up 5k Running / 60 minutes easy cycling 

Actual : I thought solo Long Runs were mentally challenging, but that is nothing compared to 60 minutes of spinning wheels without going anywhere.  To alleviate the boredom I did some intervals.  Total distance in one hour: 13.62 miles, and no, I was not tempted to Round Up to 14 miles.


After cycling for one hour I traipsed through the woods with my Dad, helping him tap maple trees. It was a great day for a hike.  #bonuscrosstraining.

Tuesday – vV0sMax ; Warm up, 8 x 400m with equal time recovery, cool down 3k easy  / Core Strength (CxWorx)

Actual : Normally I would have done the run in the morning and allowed my body a chance to recover before CxWorx in the evening. But life happened and the run didn’t happen until late in the afternoon.  I planned to meet my friend at the gym for the CxWorx at 6:30 so decided to go early, park in the lot and do the run on a nearby trail.  It had been a gorgeous day earlier but it turned windy and cold.  With the ice and mud on the trail I opted not to do the Intervals there.  Instead I warmed up on the trail then went into the gym to do the intervals on the treadmill. Great workout but I was very fatigued afterwards and struggled through CxWorx.

Note to self : don’t do a hard workout immediately prior to CxWorx.

Wednesday – WarmUp, 4 x400m @ 5:50 pace with equal time recovery, cool down

Actual :  This can’t be right… I scheduled 2 back-to-back speed workouts?  I never schedule two speed sessions in one week, let alone in two days!  This must have been a duh! moment when I planned this.  Either way, it didn’t happen.  With a Long Run scheduled for tomorrow, I did an easy 5k around the neighborhood today just to clear the cobwebs from my brain.

Thursday – 16k Easy / Core strength

Actual : I planned to run immediately after work but was called upon to babysit the grandchildren.  I had time for 6k.  Core strength happened as scheduled, plus 2 miles of rowing.

Friday – Cross Training / Strength Training

Actual : This was the day I planned to make up yesterday’s Long Run.  With the wind, I settled for 10k.  It was definitely a 16k effort. After resting for a few hours I did some strength training at home.

Saturday – 5k

Actual : I ran 5k with a windchill of -28C ( -18F) with winds gusting up to 40 km / hr.  That would be 25 miles per hour for all you non- Canadians.

Sunday – Rest

Actual : Gentle 2k run to keep streak alive.


Mother Nature is trying to throw a monkey wrench into my marathon training plan. The winds have been brutal all week, and then temperatures dropped extremely low later in the week. Training is proceeding more or less as expected, thought the Long Run was cut short. It was just really hard to breathe in those cold temperatures.  Total distance this week 47 km.

Cross training is going well, with a  lot of variety. I really need to focus more on running specific strength exercises. Also I learned a lesson this week about spacing my workouts further apart.  Never ever run 10k immediately before core strength workout.


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