2016 / It is Over

Yes, I know that there are still four days in 2016 but I declare that it is over.  I do not plan to achieve any more running goals in the next 4 days so I sit here to evaluate the year.

At the beginning of January I jotted down a few running goals. I like my goals to be measurable and achievable. In hindsight I realize that some of my Time goals were too aggressive, especially as I changed my focus from Speed to Distance early in the year.  This is how it went.

1k: Previous best was  5:45. Goal was 5:30, finished with 5:16.  Score!

1 mile: Previous best 9:50, goal 9.00. Finished with 9:02.  So close!

5k. – Going into 2016 my best 5k time was 30:04.  I knew I could easily make a sub-30 so I challenged myself with a goal of 29:00.  I managed 29:02.  Twenty Nine Point Freaking Two!  But I can’t be disappointed with that result as I really didn’t put the effort into Speed Training.

10k – 2015 best time was 1:06 .. something.  My goal of sub 60 was too lofty but it remains a long term goal.  Fastest 10k in 2016 was 1:03:43.  I’ll take it.

Half Marathon : Previous goal was 2:29:33.  I really wanted to get 2:20 but ended with 2:24:46.  It is still an impressive PR.

Marathon:  Well, this is interesting.  I didn’t even have a goal for a Marathon but I did one anyway.

Another goal was to run  100 miles every month, with at least one run of 21.1k every month.  This goal was within reach.  I completed the HM distance every month but in October my monthly total was only 98.96 miles.  If I wasn’t feeling so lazy on Oct 31 I would have gone out to run 1.04 miles but I can’t change it now, can I? This was a fun goal and I will probably repeat it for 2017.

My Distance Goal for 2016 was 2016 km.  Currently at 2050, so I over achieved there. 14713619_972501262861699_2882045143712905510_n

Summary: 2016 was a good year for running.  In hindsight I realize that some of  my goals were not realistic but I am happy with the progress that was made. I credit the cross training with the many PR’s that I have accomplished this year. ( Strava tells me that I have 37 PR’s this year)


2016 was a year of discovery for me as I learned that running is not about numbers and bling.. it is about being in tune with your body and soul, and finding peace.  I wish everyone a blessed New Year.

Oh yeah. I ran every day in 2016 and don’t expect to quit any day soon.




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