Pumpkin Run

I like fun runs. They are fun.

I really wanted to do this Pumpkin run but didn’t want to make the one hour drive by myself. All my Run Group friends were attending a Wine Party.  I was invited to the Wine Party but declined. Think about it, sit around and whine while drinking wine.. or 5k run with pumpkin pie at the Finish Line. ?

In the end I phoned my sister.  She shares my sense of adventure, and my love for pie so she was delighted to accept my invitation.  Besides I paid for her registration and gave her  free drive.

The run was nice.  The route was lit by jack o  lanterns which was pretty cool.  Pumpkin pie and hot chocolate at the Finish Line was a nice touch.  Running with my sister was nice.

oh.. and it was Day 700 of my Run Streak so it was cool to do something cool to commemorate. 14595649_10153860171547461_647222373241612301_n14906902_10153860171927461_1542429201962251280_n14680687_10153860172062461_4147473757449344347_n


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