Ottawa Marathon Training Week 1

It has begun. After weeks of research and pondering, tweaking and revising,  the Marathon Training Plan is complete and ready to be applied.  It is a 26 week program and will conclude 2 weeks prior to the Ottawa Marathon.  By then I will decide what to do for Tapering.  I am good at Winging It, so that might be my best Tapering strategy.

20161117_152445This is a random picture of the trail I travel most often.

Here is how my first week  went :

  • Monday – Plan: 6km of easy Running

Okay, I did run easy but only for 5km.  That was poor planning on my part.  I was running with Workplace Run Group.   We meet every Monday morning for a run, usually 5km to 8km.  I had an car appointment and we were short on time so we settled for 5km.  This training schedule is meant to be flexible and I tested that theory on Day 1.

  • Tuesday – Plan : Circuit Workout

This went according to plan. My street is a Crescent and the distance around is exactly 400 meters, perfect distance to run around and dash into the house for burpees, squats, etc.  For now I will do Circuits only once a week but will add a second day in a few weeks.  It took several days for my poor Abs to recover.

  • Wednesday -Plan :Rest Day

Wednesday is Group Run Night and I usually run at the back of the pack for a gentle run.  It allows me to keep my Run Streak Alive while allowing me to recover from previous day’s run. Tonight’s run was 4km in the pouring rain.  The girl I was running with had a sore back so we walked a lot and got really wet!

  • Thursday- Plan – 6 miles Easy run

I should have looked at this more closely. I thought it said 6km. I am using Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 as a base plan with several modifications. It is measured in Miles and I converted it to Kilometers. ( Except for this day. ) Today was a Workplace Group Run and we were doing 7k so I thought I was going further than scheduled.  Oh well…

  • Friday -Plan – Rest Day

Because I am a Streaker,  my Rest Day is not the same as everyone else’s Rest Day.  I decided to do 2 miles on my work lunch break.  I planned to Run Easy but ended up doing Speed Intervals just because they are fun. It was Fun!

  • Saturday – Plan – Cross Training   

Is Running Cross Training?  I was inspired to run 6km at the park today.. just because.  My bad!   Then I went to the gym where I was inclined to do inclines . Today was strictly cardio with twenty minutes of walking at 15 % incline, 10 minutes on the Stair Climber and then 10 minutes Spinning, followed by some  stretching.


  • Sunday – Plan : Rest Day

2km at a snail’s pace in the rain after dark.




Summary:  I didn’t stick with the plan 100 % but that would take the fun out of it, wouldn’t it?

Have a fantastic week! Cheers!



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