The Dinosaur Run ( Rawr! )

Over 30 people from my Run Club got up early this morning and ran at least 11km just for fun.  Many of them ran  further than that.  The premise of the run was for each individual to run a further distance than they have ever ran before.  Marathoners were exempt from the Furthest Distance Rule and could choose their own distance, maximum 32 km. You have to wonder about people who get up early to run 32 km just for fun.  No bling, no shirt, no swag, no cheering throngs, no free banana….

There were different distances with various route options but there was part of the route that was designed to look like  a dinosaur, hence the name.  One of our injured runners is a Route Nerd and he likes to design cool routes.

Many of the runners chose the 22k to 24k option.  This group seemed a good fit for me so I settled in with them.  My running buddy wanted 22k but she eagerly agreed to do 24k.  We were given route instructions in case we became separated from the crowd.  Thank goodness we had the instructions because we became separated from the crowd.  At around the 22k mark we realized that there should have been two pages of route instructions and we only had one.   There we were stranded without knowing the route.  I am familiar with the area so I knew how to get back to the restaurant where we were meeting, but our Dinosaur route was doomed!

We were feeling good so decided to take a detour back to our starting place, giving us a total distance of 27km.  Not bad for a couple of old gals who ran a marathon 3 weeks ago. It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t furious but it wasn’t meant to be fast OR furious.



This doesn’t look anything like a dinosaur.  I demand a refund!



The best part about group runs is eating our faces off afterwards.  My run group keeps a local restaurant in business.  They opened their doors a half hour early to accommodate us.  Long Runs equals Good Profit for them.

It was an enjoyable run and it is an awesome feeling to know that I can just get up and run 27km … just because. Remember when 5k was hard?  #gettingbettereveryday






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