Circuits / Or was it a Circus?

My marathon training plan includes at least one day of circuits every week and my first day is complete.  I am running from home, doing a 2.5km warmup which brings me back to my doorstep, and then completing the strength training exercises in my basement.   It went something like this:

  1. Warm up 2.5km
  2. Pause Garmin . Strip off buff, gloves and jacket
  3. Dash down basement stairs.
  4. 12 pushups
  5. 40 situps
  6. never mind, situps are too hard. Do 30 crunches
  7. Dash upstairs to get a glass of water
  8. 15 @ six count squat thrusts ( burpees)
  9. Burpees are too hard, 10 should be enough to start
  10. Dash upstairs to answer teleph0ne
  11. 15 bench dips
  12. Put on buff, gloves and jacket, go upstairs and out the door,  Restart Garmin, run around the block. (my street measures exactly 400 meters, perfect for circuit training
  13. Repeat steps 2 and 3
  14. 12 squat and dumbbell presses
  15. Never mind,  daughter took the dumbbells when she moved out last month, do basic squats
  16. 40 lower back extensions
  17. Divide the back extensions. 40 is too many. Do 20 , rest and do 20 more.
  18. Remove the cat from the room and close the door.
  19. 10 lunges each leg.
  20. Repeat step 12
  21. Repeat above steps 3 times, doing steps 7, 10 and 18 only when necessary
  22. Buff, jacket and gloves will not be necessary by Round 2.
  23. Cool down 2.5 km easy run




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