Tweaking a Marathon Training Plan (not to be confused with twerking)

In 38 weeks I plan to run my second marathon. My first one ( PEI marathon 4 weeks ago) was a learning experience and I expect that my education will continue with this one. About halfway through my training schedule I realized that  I was going to be under prepared to run a marathon in my goal of 5 hours.  There were a couple of big life events that threw a wrench into my training plan so I revised my goal.  In the end I simply wanted to run 42.2 km and to finish strong.  I expected my finish time to be around 5:15 and it was 5:11 so I was happy with that. In fact it was such an incredible experience that within a week I signed up for  another marathon. ( Ottawa Marathon)

The last few weeks have been spent researching marathon plans.  There are a lot of “cookie cutter” plans out there but I want to follow a plan that is perfect for Me.   I took one of Hal Higdon’s generic plans ( Marathon Novice 2 ), added a heaping helping of insights from Owen Anderson’s ” Science of Running” , plus a sprinkling of the Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge,, and a bunch of solicited advice from running friends and mixed it all together.  Then I factored in my life schedule and social calendar and started tweaking this Plan.

The biggest challenge is this maintaining this Stupid Run Streak while following an aggressive training schedule. Currently on Day 715, I choose to run one mile every day, even on Rest Days.  Another challenge is my Social Running. I have committed to running with my run club once a week, as well as with my workplace running club twice a week. I don’t want to give up my social running, but it will take some serious tweaking to fit it all in. By the time the dust has settled on this tweaked marathon plan, this is what it looks like..  Kind of. ( subject to change without notice)

Monday – Workplace Couch to 5k.  Right now there are no novice runners so I am able to run 5k to 10k at a moderate pace with this group.  This will fit nicely into my schedule. If I need more mileage I can add it before or after our session. If any novice runners join, I can run easy with them and then do my planned mileage.

Tuesdays –  This day is currently spent with my father as he adapts to life as a widower.  This will be a perfect day to get up early to do my Long Run and then just chill with Dad for the rest of the day.

Wednesday.- Run Club Couch to 5k.  Traditionally I stay at the back of the pack and herd the turtles.  Henceforth Wednesdays will be known as Rest Day.  ( This will allow me to keep my Streak intact AND recover from my Long Run without putting undue stress on my body.)

Thursdays – See Monday

Friday – Circuit Training.  This will involve a series of run specific strength training exercises, with a 400 meter run between sets.  In summertime this was performed outdoors and I have pondered the logistics of doing it in winter.  It could be done at the gym but I have a better idea.  I live on a quiet crescent of a street which is coincidentally a 400 meter loop.  ( Perfect also for blizzard / snowstorm running.. four times around for a streak saving mile) The neighbors already believe that I am odd so this should confirm their opinion when I run fast around the block, disappear inside my house for 5 minutes and then run around the block again.  Repeat 3-4 times. Yup.. let’s give something to talk about…

Saturday – Easy Run  / Cross training

Sundays – Easy Run / Rest Day

It might not be perfect, but it is perfect for me.  More tweaking may ensue as I am thinking of adding a second day of circuit strength training.  Or twerking?  Would twerking be considered cross training?  Twerking with the curtains open would definitely give the neighbors something to talk about.




























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