Ottawa Marathon Training Week 23

This plan is developed by me, for me. The bare bones of this plan is Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Marathon Plan with liberal input from Owen Anderson’s “The Science of Running” and Alan Culpepper’s “Running Like A Champion,” with solicited advice from a running friend

.Monday – 5k Easy

Actual: Ran with a buddy, She tricked me into doing 7k. I need to find friends that don’t do that.

Tuesday – 32k LSD / core strength

Actual : I knew this would be tricky.  I have a standing date every Tuesday with a friend for CXWorx core strength, AND today was the only day this week that I could manage the Long Run. I considered canceling the gym date but didn’t really want to do that as my workout partner would have also canceled.  So I did the gym workout first, at light intensity so I wouldn’t completely fatigue my core.  There might not have been much benefit from this workout but it got my friend to the gym, so there is that.  After waiting an hour, I headed out for my 32k.  Felt good so I ran at a faster pace than planned, but I hit a wall from kms. 26-29.  Was it the pre-run workout, the faster pace or just the headwind that I was facing? I don’t know, I was able to rebound and finish the last two kms. at my goal pace.  For the record, I do not recommend a core workout before or after a long run. Nor do I recommend running faster than you have planned for a long distance.

Wednesday – 30 minutes cycling / 3k Recovery run

Actual :  After yesterday’s Long Run, I have a rare case of DOMS.  I considered skipping the cycling but went ahead and did it.  It wasn’t so bad and was a nice warm up for my Recovery Run.  It was a horrible run but my legs do feel better.

Thursday- Core strength / Circuit

Actual: Quads are still feeling slightly stiff so I am going to postpone this circuit workout until tomorrow to allow them one more day of rest.  Core Strength was done as planned, though with less intensity than usual.   In lieu of the circuit training, I substituted Upper Body Strength.

C9-fv-iVoAAh1rBFriday – Cross Training, 60 minutes

Actual : Switched Thursday workout with Friday workout.  Today I did the circuit training. This is the first time this year that I have been able to do the circuits outdoors.  My favorite route for this workout has a gazebo for the exercises, and a 400m loop for the running segments. It’s Construction Season and the loop has a big hole in the middle of it so I had to do a “there and back” instead.

Saturday – Tempo – WU /4k @10k pace / Cool down 2k

Actual : Didn’t happen.  I worked, attended a family birthday party, ate , and slept.

Sunday – Rest

Actual : Since I rested yesterday, today I did the Saturday Tempo.  The 4k Tempo was actually faster than my usual 10k pace and it felt good.  Ran 1k and then walked 1k to cool down.

Summary:  This was a topsy turvy week but I got all the workouts done, though some of them were done out of order. On my Long Run I gave into temptation and ran faster than my planned pace, then paid for it late in the run, and then again the next day. Lesson learned.  Weather remains cool but comfortable.  Here’s hoping the temperatures in Ottawa on May 28 will be less than 10c. C9ppOgmXUAEISar


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