PEI Marathon Review. Part 3 . Recovery

It’s hard to believe that I ran my first Marathon just over a week  ago.  A lot of people told me that I wouldn’t be able to walk right for a week but I felt great.  My Quads were sore for a  few days but really not too bad.  Either I didn’t run hard enough to earn severe DOMS, or a had a good recovery plan.

In the excitement of my Finish I didn’t stretch enough… probably less than 5 minutes of calf stretches.  One of my running pals insisted on massaging my legs and I didn’t say No.  I have done the same for her and the reciprocation felt great.    Then we walked to pick up my bag where I had some dry clothes and some Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator. That stuff is Magic! (Sidenote:  Bag pick up sites for Marathons should not be in buildings with  stairs.)  Then we walked some more because we were meeting my Run Club at a restaurant a few blocks  over. All this walking around was probably a good thing.

One of my friends drove me back to the Start Line at Brackley Beach to pick up my car.   Driving along I noticed that my Ass  was warm and she said they she had turned the heated seats on because she finds it aids in recovery.  It sure felt good. I have never used heat therapy after a run before and the concept warrants research.

The drive took 30 minutes and soreness was settling in so I went for a short walk on the beach before driving another  45 minutes back to the cottage. Then I enjoyed a nice shower before jumping into the Hot Tub with my running mates.  Six ladies,  2 bottles of wine, 36 Jello Shooters, a rising moon  and two hours of hot tub jets massaging my hamstrings… it was perfect!

Active Recovery is a Thing.  It’s kind of like the hair of the dog that bit you.  Monday morning was a Morning After kind of day but I convinced myself to go for a brisk walk which I hoped would turn into a run. It felt really good and I managed to run 2 miles for Run Streak Day #687. I thought about ending it at # 686 but I just wasn’t ready to quit yet.

It seems like I did all the Right Things because I recovered a lot quicker than I expected. Do you think it’s too early to start training for another Marathon?

Cheers! 14713619_972501262861699_2882045143712905510_n


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