Marathon Training Plan Week 2

Week 2 of Ottawa Marathon Training Plan is Complete.  I am trying to keep myself accountable by blogging the highs and lows of training.  If anyone is looking for a dull read to put them to sleep, this makes great bedtime reading.

Monday – Plan: 10k Easy

This was easy.  Workplace Group Run has dwindled to only one lady but she wants to run more.  We run twice a week and amazingly our pace is consistent every time.  When I run alone my pace is all over the place. We met at our usual spot and planned to run to the end of the trail which I thought was about 5k away.  It was actually 5.3k so we ended up with 10.6.  Hubby wanted to go to the gym that evening, so I did some unscheduled Upper Body Strength Training. oh,, and we saw this cool rainbow on our morning run. 20161121_100915.jpg

Tuesday – Plan : Core Strength /  Tempo

As planned I met a friend at the gym to participate in CXWORX class for core strength.    Then I tried to do a Tempo run but my body said Not A Chance.  In hindsight I should have done the run first. The CXWORKS was intense and it fatigued my core. When my body talks I listen. ( unless it tells me not to run, then I don’t listen)   I settled for a moderate paced 5k instead. Lesson learned.

Wednesday – Plan:Rest Day

Ok, we all know that a Rest Day is really just an Easy Day with Optional Cross Training.  So.. I went to the gym after work and threw a few weights around and then herded turtles at my run club’s Couch to 5k.  It’s an easy way to get a Streak saving  run in. Total distance 4.5 km

Thursday – Plan: Circuit Workout

This did not go according to plan.  I enjoyed a nice 5k run with a  friend and there were no circuits. I did attend another CXWORKS class so got some good core strength training. It was a good compromise.

Friday – Plan : Cross Training 

Change of plans.  I decided to switch Friday for Saturday and I did a Vo2Max session to determine a baseline so I can measure improvement.  After warming up I ran as hard as I could for 6 minutes.  Distance was .75 miles .  ( When I did this test several months ago my distance was .64 miles, so I am pretty pumped about that)  It was a great workout and I felt terrific afterwards. And smashed my 1 km PB by 17 seconds. Sweet!

20161126_173830Saturday – Plan: Vo2Max Session

Whew! What a day at work!  Thank goodness I did my hard workout yesterday.  Because I did the Vo2Max session yesterday, today’s plan was cross training.  I had hoped to have time to go to the gym for some cardio but I was really pressed for time.  Besides I was too tired to do a quality workout.   Of course I ran (Run streak Day # 728 )  I did the Santa Sprint.. 2.6 km along the Santa Claus parade route prior to the commencement of the parade.  Then I walked briskly back to the start, and I will count that as my Cross Training.


Sunday -Rest Day

2 km run around the neighborhood in cold, slushy windy rain.

Summary :

Same as last week.  I didn’t stick with the plan 100 % but I am not skipping workouts, merely substituting and compromising.  This is an aggressive training schedule and I am still trying to figure out how to fit it all in while balancing family / work/ everything else.  Feeling good about how it is going so far.



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