Ottawa Marathon Training, Week 11

20170123_161405.jpgMonday – Planned Cross Training

If you read last weeks summary you will remember that I swapped days.  Today’s planned cross training was done on Sunday, and Sunday’s 14k was done today.   It was a brilliant decision as today’s weather was perfect…-2C and sunny. (30F)

Tuesday – Plan Strength Training / Core Strength

Crappy weather so I couldn’t make it to the gym.  I slogged through freezing ice pellets for 2 miles to maintain my Running Streak and then did some moderate strength / core exercises at home.

20170129_165002Wednesday – Plan 8km Easy running

Freezing ice pellets followed by heavy rain left the streets wet and slushy.  I considered going to the gym but they were closed due to power outage.  I decided to check out Gunningsville Blvd. It is only a short distance from my house and the adjacent walking path is often cleared shortly after storms.  As I suspected, it was bare and only  a few puddles to dodge.  My plan was to keep this run at a consistent pace and I was close.  Pace ranged from 6:28/km to 6: 37/km except the last kilometer (7:06)  where I literally ran into ice and slush on the sidewalk and had to slow down for safety reasons.    I am pleased with this effort.

Thursday – Plan Mega Tempo / Core Strength

What? I was supposed to do a tempo run today? How did I miss that? I was so proud of myself for maintaining focus in spite of the ice storm / power outages that have wreaked havoc on us this week. It is 9:30 pm and the Tempo is not happening today.  The core strength was done but at moderate intensity.  I overloaded on bad carbs and felt like crap and my body responded accordingly.

I think the best plan will be to do the Tempo tomorrow on a planned Rest Day ( truth be told, today was  a Rest day) , Move Saturday’s vo2Max workout to Sunday and do Sunday’s strength session on Saturday.  This shouldn’t disrupt the flow too much. I still can’t believe I missed a Tempo run.  I guess I wasn’t holding it all together as well as I thought.

20170129_221227.jpgFriday – Rest Day

Today’s Rest Day actually happened yesterday so today I planned to do yesterday’s Tempo. Today’s run was almost sidelined because of unexpected family stuff.  I had planned to run immediately after work but had to watch the grandchildren. By the time I had the opportunity to run, it was dark outside.  Normally I don’t mind running in the dark but tonight was really dark. There are large sections of my neighborhood that still do not have electricity after Tuesday’s ice storm.  It would not be safe to risk doing a tempo run in pitch dark on streets that have icy patches, even with a head lamp.  When your LED reflective vest is the brightest thing out there it is best to find a treadmill. So, I went to Goodlife Fitness and got ‘er done.. Admittedly it was shorter than planned because my hubby was with me. His workouts generally last 30-40 minutes, so I cut it short at 4 miles instead of the planned 6.  It was a great run though.

Saturday – Planned vo2Max workout

The Vo2Max workout is going to happen tomorrow, to allow time to recover from yesterday’s Tempo.  Today’s workout was  a sweaty strength session.

20170129_221818Sunday – Strength Session

As you know I did the strength session on Saturday so I could do v02max today.  It was 9pm before I got out and what a fabulous evening. Ground is covered with thick crusty icy layer of snow, but the streets were bare.

I planned to do 10x 1minutes but I only did 5 x 1minutes.  Hips are a little achy today so decided to cut it short. I was concerned about having two Quality Workouts so close together and my body agrees that it wasn’t very wise.   Five repeats is better than none.

Summary :  Even with a plan sometimes things go awry.  Here in my neck of the woods we had an ice storm which knocked power out for several days and made roads treacherous for a few days.   I didn’t lose electricity but I played host to daytime and overnight guests who needed water , heat and WiFi. ( okay, it was a little more complicated that that: I just gave you the condensed version )  Somehow I lost focus on the training plan and needed to do some rearranging. It took some additional planning because some of my favorite routes were in darkness with icy spots. ( I run frequently in the evening. )   A couple of my runs were shortened but I didn’t change the intensity.  It was still a quality week and I am happy with how it went.

Hey, sometimes Life happens and you just do the best you can.

Stay safe, my friends.


One thought on “Ottawa Marathon Training, Week 11

  1. Great job with being flexible through less than ideal conditions. Your pictures looks amazing. I hope the thawing out happens quickly for you, and that you can get back to your regular scheduled runs soon.


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