Ottawa Marathon Training Week 9

Oh my, these weeks are flying by.  Thank goodness that I am recording my training progress.  It gives me a reason to pause at the end of each week and reflect , retweek and then refocus.

Monday – Planned Rest Day

I did a little 2k shake out run.  I was going to go to the gym to do some cross training, but it was so cold outside that I decided to hibernate at home for the evening. Hey, it is a Rest Day after all.

Tuesday – Planned Tempo Session

Temperatures are more friendly but the roads are slushy, unfavorable for a Tempo Run. So I went to the gym and did 4 miles on the Treadmill. To my surprise I enjoyed it. Marathon Training has officially moved indoors. .

Wednesday – Planned Strength Training

Slush has disappeared and been replaced by wet pavement.  I took advantage of the mild day ( but windy! ) and did a 20 minute run to warm up for strength training.  I need to invest in a resistance band so I can do these exercises at home.

c2fhrlzxeaawdhdThursday – Planned 11k relaxed easy running

This was as easy and relaxing as you can get on a windy day.

Friday – Planned Lactate Stackers

Done a treadmill.  8 x 1 minute intervals @ Vo2 Max . Total distance with warm up and cool down 4 miles

Saturday – Planned 7k

Group Run. Finished with 7.77 k in honor of my 777th Consecutive Day of running

Sunday – Planned Circuit Training

Not exactly as planned but great workout.

Summary:  This week I feel like I am more mentally focused on my training.  Some days the weather didn’t cooperate but I moved it indoors and got ‘er done on the treadmill. To my surprise I enjoyed the indoor runs.  I had a couple of fantastic runs on the treadmill.


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