October Numbers

October is a great time of year to run.  What am I saying..?  any month is a great time of year to run. Every season offers it’s own magic… the frosty moonlit winter  evenings with snow twinkling like diamonds , the transformation from Drab to Green in Spring,  the pre-sunrise summer mornings,  and Autumn’s brilliant hues of golds and reds.  It is hard to stay in a bad mood when surrounded by such glorious colors.


The first couple of weeks of October were spent Tapering in preparation for my first Marathon.  The last couple of weeks of October were spent Recovering from the marathon.  Because I wasn’t doing specific training I was able to simply run and enjoy the changing of the seasons.


For the past 17 months I have ran at least 100 miles every month, and was on target to do the same this month.  As the end of the month approached I kept on eye on my daily totals and had an informal plan for each day to make sure I met my target of 100 miles.  Then Life happened and I had a couple of days when I didn’t run as far as I planned but I wasn’t worried as I knew that I  could simply run more the next day.  On October 31 I planned to run 4 miles but I ran out of time. I wanted to be home by 5 pm when the trick or treaters came a’knocking’, so I ran 3 miles with the promise to go out later.

Later…. I just didn’t feel like it.  Sitting in pyjamas and eating candy, I realized that it just wasn’t important.  It was enough to know that I am capable of running 100 miles a month.. if I want to!  Two years ago this was an impossible goal and now it is (almost) effortless.  Life is about living, not numbers.  It is good to have measurable targets so we can see improvement, but the target is not an Essential.  Numbers do not define me. Don’t get me wrong.. I am a Running Nerd and I love Running Numbers ….but they don’t rule my life.

October mileage 98.96 miles






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