Marathon Training Plan / Week 3

Here is the continuing saga of my efforts to juggle marathon training with Family, Work and Other Stuff.

Monday – 5km Easy

Easy Peasy, I ran this with a friend as planned.  We considered canceling because it was slippery but in the end we decided to take it slow and careful .  Nice run.

TuesdaySustained Tempo

Sweet run!   3km of warm up, one km of 100 meter intervals and then 5km Tempo. followed by 2km cool down.   Smashed my previous best 5k effort by 35 seconds.  Thirty Five Freaking Seconds!

Wednesday – Rest

Snow Day!  Easy 2.5km. That is how I Rest.


Thursday – Circuit Training

Not exactly as planned.  I ran 2.5 slushy kilometers and then shovelled heavy slushy snow for an hour.   After resting for a couple of hours I went to gym and did some rowing and CXWORX.

Friday – Cross Training

Didn’t happen.  It was in my best interest to rest today.  Sore from shoveling and only 3 hours of sleep the previous night so it would not have been a quality workout.  Lovely 3km evening run though.

Saturday – 8km easy

I unexpectedly had the opportunity to do the 5k Santa Shuffle. With so many slow runners it was more like Intervals.  I am going to call it Good Enough. Still tired and sore from shoveling.

Sunday – V02Max

Winter training is risky because you never know what the road conditions will be.  Roads today were snow covered in some spots so I just did my Fast Work when I came to bare pavement.

Summary :  As always Life happens and I just have to be flexible and do what I can.  Weather definitely impacted my training ( and my sleep habits) this week. The only thing that I can do is to Keep on Keeping on. 20161204_124236.jpg




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