Ottawa Marathon Training / week 5

Wow. As I enter this fifth week of training I realize that I have one whole month of training behind me, which means that I am one month closer to the Marathon.  As part of the journey I am blogging about the training to keep me accountable and focused.  This is what week 5 looked like:

dddMonday – Planned 9k easy

This didn’t happen exactly as planned.  Snowstorm moved in quickly and the streets were getting slick so I turned around at 2.75 km and carefully retraced my steps.

Tuesday-Planned 10k easy / core strength

I settled for 8k. The road conditions are horrid!  Core strength happened as planned.

Wednesday – Planned Circuit Workout

This did not happen at all.  I am learning a painful lesson about fueling.  The thing about training is.. you have to be consistent with smart fuel choices.  This was a “meh” kind of day. I dragged my sorry ass around the block to keep run streak intact.



Thursday- 6k / Balance Workout

Today’s weather looks like a Snow Globe.  It was a really tough 6k but we got ‘er done.  I have been doing the balancing exercises randomly when I get a few minutes.




Friday – Rest

Thank goodness it is Rest Day.  It is freaking cold out there, and the roads are slippery. But, yeah I ran 4k in -36C weather, just because….

Saturday – Cross Training

Who has time to cross train? ?



Sunday – 7k easy

I overachieved….  7.5 km easy peasy.

Summary : In spite of the weather I am getting out there every day, but twice I have cut my run short. I have a feeling that I am going to be spending a lot of time on the treadmill this winter.   As always the cross training is the first thing to suffer when I don’t manage my time efficiently. This has been a horrible week for smart fueling and I am paying the price.  My body ain’t happy and it ain’t cooperating.  It is time to get back on track.


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