Found on the Ground

As a runner I notice the way the snow has been gradually melting, revealing buried treasures that have not been seen for weeks.  Things like Christmas decorations, broken toboggans and all sorts of assorted garbage.

C6lL6hYWsAAiFIlA couple of weeks ago I was out for a run, minding my own business when I spied this object on the ground.  It was obviously the victim of a snowplow-versus-garbage-bag incident.  I literally stopped in my tracks for a closer look. Whoa!  Is that really what I think it is?  Yup!  Someone had apparently discarded this magic wand. Out with the old, in with the new?

I run this route often but didn’t see this Joy Stick again for several days. I thought someone might have picked it up,  but apparently it was simply hidden under fresh snow for a few days. .  Here in New Brunswick we often have snow late in the season.  When the snow melted again, there it was again in all it’s naked glory.

Interestingly enough,  this Dildo is exactly  2.5 km from my house and it has become the Turn Around Point of one of my new favorite routes.

17499286_10154262554012461_7183271835563190544_nIt goes like this.

  • Proceed along Traynor Street
  • Take a HARD left onto Trites Road.
  • Go ALL THE WAY up Trites Road
  • At the end of Trites Road, take another HARD left onto Callowhill
  • Proceed approximately 400 meters to the Dildo
  • Take a foot selfie with Dildo
  • Turn around and retrace the route.


This run is NOT VERY LONG.  Upon reflection, it is not VERY HARD either   It is perfect for pleasure and should put a smile on your face.

Some days you dil-do and some days you dil-don’t.


Editor’s Note : I travelled this route today for my usual 5k.  It is gone.  Either some one has picked it up to make a sweet Medal Rack, or the snowplow carried it away after our most recent snowfall.

I am feeling let down.




One thought on “Found on the Ground

  1. LOL! Your use of the dildo as a turn around marker made me laugh. If I’m being honest, I would have also taken a picture with it too. Haha Maybe you’ll find something else soon to replace the lost dildo. 🙂

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