When an Easy Run isn’t so Easy.

A couple of years ago I would have laughed at the idea of an “easy” 10k.  At that time  running 5k was possible, 10k was a challenge,  a Half Marathon was nothing but a dream … and  a Marathon.. not even on the radar.

Fast forward two years and I am training for my second Marathon.  Today’s training run was ‘easy 10k.”  I was looking forward to this one.  It is a nice manageable distance and I didn’t have to worry about pace or intervals or anything at all.  Just me putting one foot in front of the other.  I’ve come a long way, baby!

I usually run immediately after work. Today I had to walk home first, 2.5km uphill.  As I plodded along I realized how tired I was.  After arriving at home I rested for a half hour before venturing out for my run.  Immediately I realized that there was not going to be anything easy about this run.  It was a mental battle to keep going and I finally conceded at 5k.

Here are some of the reasons why I stopped at 5k.

  • My quads were like bricks, unforgiving the whole way.
  • I realized within minutes that I forgot to change into a sports bra.
  • side-boob chaff from previous Long Run was sending subtle reminders that it was still there
  • it was windy
  • it was slushy
  • it was cold
  • I was overdressed and got too hot
  • my planned weekly distance is 20 % more mileage than last week,  the upper limit of what it acceptable for me.
  • I ran 3km more than planned yesterday as part of Group run
  • I had already walked 2.5 km today.  Uphill.
  • I was tired
  • I was hungry
  • I wanted to quit at 1km
  • I really wanted to quit after 2km
  • I needed to poop at 4km

Some runs are hard, really hard.  This was one of them.  A few days ago my Long Run of 26 km was fantastic. Today’s 5km was mentally painful every step of the way.  Yeah, I stopped at the halfway point but I don’t feel like a loser.  I rarely feel the need to cut my run short but today it was definitely the right choice.

After an Epsom salt bath, foam roller and a nap, all is right with my world.  Tomorrow there are hills that need to be tackled. 20161231_155050.jpg





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