Santa Shuffle 5k

This is the third time that I have done this race. This 5k run is  a fundraiser for the Salvation Army and the emphasis in on Fun.  Runners and walkers dress in festive attire and several of them jingle all the way.

I hadn’t planned to do this run this year because I was scheduled to work.  Yesterday a friend invited me to attend as someone on her team had to cancel.  I decided to just take a really long lunch break and do it.

I started at the back of the pack and ended up trying to dodge and manoeuvre around Walkers who were walking three and four abreast.   Then I found myself behind Slow Runners and I had to dodge and manoeuvre around them.  It was like an obstacle course. A few times I even veered off the trail and sprinted through the snow to get past them.  Let’s just call this Interval Training.. Run fast, slow down, run fast, slow down. Repeat.

After crossing the Finish Line I enjoyed watching the other runners come in.  This is a First Event for many people and it was cool to see their smiles at the end.


Overdressed and overheated, I had to remove my hat and mitts.







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