Getting Better Every Day

A couple of night ago I went out for a run.  Nothing extraordinary about that… I have gone for a run every day for the last 744 days. On this particular evening the moon was full, the air was frosty , all was calm, all was bright. I planned to gently run 2 or 4 k but I ended up doing 5k ……just because I could!

While I was running I started thinking about how far I have come on this running journey.  Three years ago I couldn’t run 5km.  Two years ago I could run 5k but it was it took a lot of effort.  Today I laced up my shoes and easily ran 5km without even thinking about it.

One of my goals for 2017 is to be able to do a Pull Up. Some of my work colleagues and I are doing a Push Up / Plank / Pull Up Challenge for the month of December.  I am doing okay with the Push Ups and Planks but I can’t do a Pull Up.  I do assisted Pull Ups at the gym four or five times a week but am not even close to pulling up my whole body weight.  When I bemoaned this fact to one of my coworkers and lamented that I would NEVER be able to do it, he offered some very encouraging words.  He reminded me of when it was impossible to run 5k but now it is as easy as rolling over in bed. And he is right! Persistence and consistency is the key to getting better every day.  I WILL persist. I WILL work hard and I WILL be able to do a Pull Up in 2017.

It is written . Let it be so.



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