Ottawa Marathon Training Plan Week 4

Week 4 already?  This Marathon is creeping up one day at a time. I am blogging my training  plan to keep myself accountable and focused.

Monday – 8km easy

Nailed it! Well…..almost.  I ran with my workplace run club. Snow has forced us off our usual trail route but we found a nice alternate loopy route which measures 7.6 km.  Good enough for me.  Bonus.. it has a nice long gradual incline.

Tuesday – Circuit Workout

This “sort of” happened.  I had to break it into two segments due to time restraints and the second Half was Half -assed because I was tired. I did have a great core / strength session in morning though

Wednesday – 5km easy

meh, 2.5 km.

Thursday – Rest

Since yesterday’s 5k didn’t happen I did 5.25 km today  with a coworker.  We accidentally did hills because our usual trail route  was icy, and  Riverview pavement is hilly.

I added core strength training to today’s schedule.

Friday – Circuit Workout

Didn’t happen as I had to babysit the grandchildren.  I ran to their house, taking a 5k  detour so at least I got a run in.

Saturday – Rest

I realized today that tomorrow’s  Fartleks aren’t going to be easy to fit in, so I did them today.  It is f-f-f-freezing outside. !  The nice thing about f-f-f-fartleks is that  you warm up quickly. It was a great session.

Sunday – Fartlek

As predicted, today was not a good day for a quality run so I decided to do yesterday’s Rest Day.  By that I mean that I ran 5k easy.  I planned 2 or 3k, but it was a magical frosty, moonlit evening and I couldn’t resist.


Four weeks complete!  I can see a pattern ;  Circuit training is not happening as scheduled, but I am adding a lot of unscheduled cross training in the form of yoga and pushups,planks etc almost daily .    Also, Life seems to be throwing Curve Balls late in the  week and I need to figure out how to deal with that. This is the first time I am keeping a written record of my training progress and it is keeping me accountable.



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