2016 in Review

Before you start reading this I should clarify that I am reviewing today’s run, not the last 12 months.  Today’s run was done  in the shape of the numbers 2 , 0, 1, and 6.  I was inspired by a post on the Streak Runners International FB page and a quick look at my map showed me a block of streets that would allow me to draw numbers with my feet.

20161231_155214.jpgThe biggest problem with this plan was that the starting point was 2 km away.  I considered driving there but then realized that I would finish far from my car anyway so I might as well just run there.  The numbers part of the run was about 5k, add 2km there and 2km back and the total will be 9k.  That is a good run on a nice sunny day, and it is also a good run on a cold windy day too.






Another challenge was the elevation.  The number “6” was particularly brutal.  Upon completion I had to run home uphill  and directly into the brisk westerly wind.  2016 was tough but I got ‘er done.


Goodbye 2016, you are over!




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