The trail less travelled.

A short portion of the Riverfront Trail is closed right now while crews work on the adjacent parking lot.  It’s not a big deal.. it just means that I have to take a detour on the south side around the parking lot and onto the sidewalk for a couple of hundred meters before connecting with the trail again.  That is what I have been doing.. until yesterday.

Yesterday I took the detour on the south side of the trail, the same as I have been doing for a couple of weeks.  I don’t enjoy this part of the trail.. the sidewalk is busy and noisy.. and it just destroys the feng shui of my run.  The harmony of the environment is disturbed, and I just don’t like it!

So.. on the return trip I had the brilliant idea of going to the NORTH side of the closed trail.  Oh, sure.. it is rough with bushes and large rocks, and there is a slight chance of falling into the Peticodiac River if you miss a step.. BUT it looked inviting.  Besides, I love adventures.

It was rough and very difficult to navigate.  It was more like a wilderness hike than a run, but it was slightly better than heavily trafficked alternative.  Everything has a price, and the price that I paid for this short hike was mitts and pants full of burdocks.

20161114_144211.jpgThis was a lunch hour run and I was late returning to work as I had to pick the burrs from my clothing.  I discovered firsthand why these burrs inspired the popular hook and loop fasteners that are better known as Velcro.

But, a bad day on the trail is better than a good day at work.



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