Streaking in 2015

This whole Running Streak began innocently enough.  An online running group challenged the members to participate in a December Run Streak.  Never one to refuse a challenge, I accepted the challenge.  oh. and I had run on November 30 so that would actually be a 32 day challenge for me.

The first few days were not so bad.  After a week it began to feel like a chore, and then eventually it became a habit.  There were a lot of evenings when I would don my  winter running gear and hit the streets at 9 pm before tumbling into bed.   The family tolerated this silly quirk without question.

As New Year’s Day was approaching I was looking forward to the end of the Streak.  However a chance encounter with a coworker changed that.  He suggested a 365 day running streak in 2015.  After a brief hesitation I signed up for the challenge.  And so it began…

Today is Day 279 of 2015 and Day 311 of my Running Streak.  Most days are  manageable as I plan ahead.   Each evening I map out a rough outline of what Tomorrow will be like.. factoring in work schedule, family commitments, etc and mentally pencil in a time slot when I will run.  It gets more complicated when I am training for a specific race.   I respect the need for Rest Days and on those days I run a slow gentle  One Mile.

I have been blessedly injury free, though in the first few months I struggled with heal / shin pain.    Running slowly and post-run stretching has eliminated those little niggles.

There have been Close Calls when I have ‘almost’ not done my Daily Mile.  Sometimes plans go awry and I dash out for a mile at 10 pm.  The toughest two weeks were actually the two that I thought would be the easiest.   Both weeks I was going to be out of town for lawn bowling tournaments.  The schedule was not demanding and it looked like I would have lots of free time.  I even planned a couple of long runs through a cemetery that was beside the hotel.  But I didn’t factor in the heat and humidity or the social aspect of the game.   Every minute of every day was busy as we went directly from a game to dinner and then another game.   The closest Near Miss was Friday Aug 21.  With two games that day and planning an after game party, my day was busy right up until party time. No problem.. I expected to leave the party by 9 or 10. Lol.. at 11;15 the party was still going strong and I knew that I would not leave before midnight.  So I snuck out and went down the hall to the hotel fitness center.  Kicking off my shoes, I ran one mile barefoot on the treadmill before returning to the dance floor.   The other sweaty red faced dancers didn’t even notice that I disappeared for a few minutes.

Oh.. and that coworker who challenged me to the Streak.. he had to drop out a few months ago because of a recurring injury. He still supports and encourages me, though I suspect he is secretly envious.

And my family.. well .. they tolerate the streak.


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