Weekly Training Summary / April 28- May 04

This week begins with a 15k road race, for which I have not trained.  My goal distance this year is 5k and that is where I am focusing my attention.  My weekly distance averages 33 miles, and I run 7 to 8k at least a couple of times a week, so there is that. … but 15k is way outside of my comfort zone right now.

Three weeks ago I ran a hilly 13k road race which went surprisingly well, and it gave me confidence that I could do this 15k.   Since that road race  I have attempted 12k training runs twice, both times with dismal results.  Every run in the last week has sucked and my confidence has gone out of the window.

Because I have not trained specifically for this distance, I have no goal.  I just hope to finish as painlessly as possible.  This race is part of the RunNB super series and I will get points just for finishing, but the higher the ranking.. the more the points.


Race Day! Ready or not, I am racing 15k today.

After a week of warm temperatures, today is cool and overcast.  Light rain before the race meant that it was very cold while we were waiting.  Luckily we had the opportunity to wait inside, and I was able to warm-up with dynamic stretches in comfort.  Because this is a longer distance, I opted not to do a pre-race warmup run. Instead I planned to use the first 2-3km as my warmup.   That plan went right out the window as I got caught up in the adrenaline and started faster than I had planned.  It felt like a comfortable pace but a glance at my Garmin told me that I was running way too fast so I slowed down.

I reached the halfway mark at 44:30 and started to believe that maybe, just maybe.. I could finish this race in less than 90 minutes…a time that I  had previously not thought possible.   The route was more challenging in the second half, with a couple of hills and a headwind and I lost a little bit of ground but managed to finish with a chip time of exactly 1:30:00.  Woot woot!  It was good for 10th in AG and 25 points in the Super series.


Recovery Run, 5k easy pace followed by 2k brisk walk. That is all.


Gym day.  Strength training.

Stopped for pizza on the way home.  Pizza guy said it would take 20 minutes… I said “make it 30” and went out for a 30:07 minute 5k run.  Pizza took 31 minutes. I win.


Double run day.  This is a Recovery Week but I still want to get my mileage so I ran twice today.  7k in the morning, and 5k group run in the evening.

As always Tuesday is core strength at the gym with a buddy.


My run didn’t happen until late in the evening as a thunderstorm approached.  I opted to stick close to home, running a few laps around the neighborhood.  A few raindrops fell on me, but I got home before the thunderstorm hit.  I win.

Mobility / Balance Drills




I hate waiting!  In anticipation of a long wait time while getting summer tires installed,  I took my running gear to the auto shop.  As expected the wait time was one hour.  No problem! I donned my gear and went out for an 8k run.  It was hot! It was windy!  It was a narrow road with lots of traffic!  I hated it. But ’tis done, and it beats waiting for an hour.  Tires took 70 minutes.  I win again.

Glute / core Strength


Friday is traditionally Speed Interval Night, but this is a Recovery Week for me so I’m not supposed to do any hard workouts.  Don’t tell my coach but I was dying for a good workout so I did some intervals and it was a great workout.  I opted for  200m / 400m repeats.  The 400m intervals make the 200’s seem easy.  It felt great.

Balance Drills


Since January I have been making an effort to get stronger and faster.  Every day I do a series of strength, balance, and mobility drills.  It is not a big investment of my time…. less than 15 minutes a day… but it has paid huge dividends. Four months ago I struggled to run 5k in 30 minutes.  Last week I maintained that pace to run 15k in 90 minutes and it felt good.

This has been a Recovery Week so I have run Easy all week, except for Friday when I just couldn’t resist and ran some speed intervals.   Weekly mileage was 36 miles, a slight increase, thanks to the 15k race.

In spite of it being a Recovery Week, I have raced a few times.  First I raced pizza.. and won!  Then I raced a thunderstorm/ raindrops.. and won!  And finally I raced tire installation.. and won!

Winning is Fun! I hope you all have a Winning Week!



Summary April 21 -April 27

This week is supposed to be an easy week, leading up to my 15k Road Race next Saturday. There are no hard workouts planned, just easy runs and regular cross training, balance and mobility drills.


After working for 8 hours, I tried to run 12k.  It was horrible. I was tired and it was windy. My legs just didn’t want to turn over. It was hot, and cold. .  There were frequent walk breaks, especially in the last couple of kilometers.


It is hard to do a quality run on Sunday.  I work weekends and I am tired by the end of the day.  After work there is usually family stuff going on.  Today it was an 80th birthday party immediately after work..  My best option was to run on my Lunch Break.  The River Front Trail runs right past my workplace, and it’s a good opportunity to take a mental break and get away for awhile. It wasn’t a great run, but ’tis done.





Gym day – 30 minutes bicycle / 50 floors stair climber / Legs strength training

Because yesterday’s run was done early ( 10:00 am) I deliberately waited until late in the day to run so my legs would have a longer recovery.  This is a common run streak strategy.  I invited a couple of running buddies to join me for a Sunset Run.  Their pace is slower than mine, which suited me fine.  It was an enjoyable run with great company.


Gym Day – Elliptical 1 mile ( I hate the elliptical!) / Upper Body Strength Training / Balance, Bosu Ball

Group Run. – I hung out with the Party Crowd at the back, slow run with frequent Walk Breaks. Windy!

Playground- My Grandson and I spent a couple of hours at the playground. There are wonderful opportunities for balance, strength training there.



Gym – Treadmill 20 minutes, brisk walk with incline / core strength

Post-gym Run – 7k , mentally tough.


7k run. I was overdressed. It was sluggish, horrible.


Group Run, 6k.   Slow, frequent breaks, but great company.


For an easy week, this one was hard.  I am tired and my legs just feel like they can’t go any faster, though my Garmin tells me that my pace has been much slower than usual.   After weeks of single digit temperatures, we are blessed with temperatures in the high teens ( Celsius) and my body is struggling to adapt.

WTD – 49 km

15k Road Race tomorrow. Ready or not,  here I come.

Week in Review. / April 14 – 20

As I enter this new week I am experiencing a niggle in my right Achilles.  It is not really sore, just tight with a limited range of motion.  My PT is on vacation so I went to Dr. Google for advice.  For the last couple of days I have been icing and elevating, and stretching the calves before and after activity. Dr. Google suggested shoes with a slightly elevated heel to take the tension off the Achilles tendon.  I always go barefoot within my house so have started wearing shoes while at home, which seems to help.  I’ll be very glad to be able to return to bare feet again. Hopefully it will have worked itself out by the time PT returns from vacation.


4.5 miles moderate pace.

Weekends are hard for me.  I work most weekends, and then try to cram Family Stuff into the rest of the day.  Legs are tired after last night’s speed intervals and I was feeling unmotivated to get out the door.  Cold, windy weather made it even harder to lace up and get out the door, but I finally got out mid-evening.  And it was ….. Not Bad.


Did I mention how hard weekends are?  I have been so tired after work for several days and today was no exception.  I was mentally and physically weary but managed 3 slow, agonizing miles at Sunset.  #rundone


Today I hit my weekly Reset Button.   The last few weekends have been uninspiring and I have gotten in the habit of Starting Over on Mondays.  Hey, it’s better than Not Starting Over.

Even though my primary goal is establishing  a fast 5k time , I have registered for a 15k road race in less than 2 weeks.   Already doubt is creeping in and I am not sure if I can have run a good race.  I had better start practicing.

11k Run this morning.  It was an OK run.  I had planned to include a few hills, but my Achilles / heel started grumbling so I opted for a flatter route.  The first 10k felt pretty good, but then someone handed me a piano and I struggled to make it back to my car.

This evening I went to the gym.

8 miles stationary bike @ 90 to 100 RPM

20 floors Stair Climber ( stopped because of heel)

45 minutes single leg bridges/ planks / Bosu balance drills / stretching/ rolling


Sometimes Life gets in the way of Training, but you just have to find a way to be flexible to make it happen.

I am blessed to live near my grandchildren and to have an active role in their lives.  Their Dad ( my son) was sick last week, then both children were sick and now Mom is sick.  She has vertigo and spent the day at the hospital so I had the privilege of watching the children.  While the oldest one was in school, the youngest one and I went to the trampoline park.  What a great opportunity for cross training.  We spent 2 hours bouncing and jumping.  When we go there, I incorporate workouts that are specific to glute activation.. one leg bounding, balancing on the balance beam, etc.  There are even climbing walls for upper body workouts.  It was win /win!

My day wouldn’t be complete without a run.  Tuesday is Group run and Hubby watched the children while I went for a run.  Tonight I hooked up with a lady who is slightly faster than me, so it was a good challenge for me.


I have been doing my Intervals with a buddy and it is working out quite well for the both of us.  Tonight we were doing 3 sets of 400m / 300m / 200m at 5k race pace.  My warm up was sluggish and I was worried about doing this workout well, but I nailed it!  Intervals were done on at 5 -10 seconds/km faster than target. Sweet.!

The final set was done with a head wind and I was completely fatigued … but in a good way.


So tired today.  After work I planned to go to the gym for strength training but I decided to wait until evening instead.   I also planned to run with a couple of buddies in the evening but a mid-afternoon phone call from my Dad quickly changed all of those plans for me.  He had fallen in the forest while cutting trees for firewood and hit his ribs on a log.  He was certain that he had broken his rib(s) so I immediately abandoned my plans and drove the 40 minute drive to his house.  After seeking medical attention for him, I arrived home around 930pm.   Because I am a Run Streaker, it wasn’t even an option to go to bed without running.  It was lightly raining which turned to heavy rain by the time I finished my 3 mile run.  Then I tumbled into bed to sleep until my alarm sounded 5 hours later. No strength training today.


Because I didn’t take time to warm up / cool down / stretch  on last night’s quick run, I woke up sore and stiff, including my Achilles which had been fine for a couple of days.

Friday nights are Group Intervals.  Because I had done hard intervals two days prior, I decided to run these 200m Intervals at a moderate pace. I enjoy this workout with a group but didn’t think it was wise to do two tough Interval sessions so close together. My Garmin died during the warm up so I don’t even know what my Interval pace was, and that’s ok. Without the Garmin recording every step, I faked it by just running at a comfortable pace. And it was fun.


Mileage this week, 49km.

Sometimes it is hard to balance Life with Training.  My Training is very important to me, but Family comes first always.  This week, a couple of my workouts were compromised because of  unplanned family commitments.  It is interesting to note that in spite of the curveballs that Life threw me this week, I still ran every day to support my Three-Mile-A-Day Habit.  Even on Thursday.. when I had been awake since 3:30am, worked all day,  spent 5 hours in ER with an octogenarian with broken ribs, then arrived home a half hour past my usual bedtime…. I donned my running shoes and went out in the  rain to run 3 miles.   Is it commitment or addiction…?  Probably a little bit of both.

Achilles was tender last week, and then just the heel.  I put new insoles in my work shoes and in my house slippers and could see improvement immediately.  Stretching before and after a run is part of my daily routine and seems to be the key to minimizing injury.  When my Thursday run was rushed I didn’t stretch, and regretted it the next day.  My Achilles, hamstrings, and gluteus grumbled all day Friday, reminding me that they need daily maintenance.

I am disappointed that I didn’t do much cardio / strength training this week.   I have been really, really tired and need to be more disciplined about going to bed on time.

Coach Jackal has hinted that we are going to start some new workouts soon.  Next week will be an easy week, with one long run planned and then easy runs all week in preparation for next Saturday’s 15k Road Race.

Happy Running, y’all.



A Week in Review. / April 6 -13

Saturday :

3 miles run. Slow, but not Easy. Why are the slow ones the hardest mentally and physically?

Sunday :

Alert: Long Race Report

13k Lorneville Loop 13k Road Race.  This is the 4th consecutive year that I have done this hilly race and I keep asking myself .. Why?  It is a challenging course with lots of Ups and Downs, though it seems like it is mostly Up.  But I love it and will probably do it again next year.

Prior to the race I was concerned about being able to run this race well because I have not trained specifically for this distance.  I run at least 3 miles every day and my weekly mileage averages 32 miles  but until 2 weeks ago my longest distance in 6 months was 10k. A couple of weeks ago I did a 12k run, but it wasn’t pretty.

Race day was perfect .. sunny with a slight breeze and temperatures hovering just above freezing.  ( about 3c)  I debated whether I should ditch my jacket at the Start Line, but opted to keep it on which I regretted within 10 minutes and ended up tying it around my waist.  I run often with my jacket like this  so it was No Big Deal.

30530660_10155358246525913_2357961994969022464_nLast year’s time was 83:26 and I was hoping that I could finish sub 80 minutes. Though I haven’t trained specifically for this distance, I have been working my butt off by doing exercises / drills to make me stronger and faster, and I was hoping to see a payoff at this event.  Prior to the race I opted for a light warmup so i wouldn’t fatigue myself before I even started.  The first 4.5k was mostly uphill and I focused on trying to keep my pace at  6:00 minute/km.   Those hills were relentless and at the 5k marker my time was 30:35.. slightly behind my goal pace but I was feeling strong.  I made up some time on the downslope and over the next few flat (ish) kilometers.  When I hit the 10k marker my Garmin read 60:01.  Woot! My previous best 10k time was 63:03 so I was pleased as punch to come so close to a sub 60 minute 10k.

The last couple of kilometers can  best described as ” rolling hills”, including a beast of a  hill just before the Finish Line .   Groan ! I dug deep and got ‘er done, finishing with 1:18:25….a whopping 5:01 minutes faster than last year! Sweet!


20 minute elliptical

45 minutes Strength training

5 miles on the Riverfront Trail.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  It was windy and bitterly cold.  This is my first time on the Trail this year and I was giddy with excitement which quickly turned to disappointment.  The trail was rough with frozen foot prints and occasional snow/ice.  It was really hard to run on it, and I walked frequently. It was sooo cold! Not a great run, but ’tis done.


3 miles run in the morning solo, just to stretch out the legs.  Right Achilles is tender. I’m blaming the frozen ruts in that trail last night.

3 more miles with the Run Group in the evening.

30 minutes CxWorx core strength


So tired after work today so I opted to Nap instead of going to the Gym .

3 miles run,  easy pace.  Achilles still tender.


For the second day in a row I napped through my planned gym time.  I had committed  to doing Speedwork with a buddy this evening but had to bail at the last minute because of family illness. .  I did a 5 miles run at Sunset instead, moderate pace.  Achilles has improved but still slightly tender.


Last night’s aborted speed work was rescheduled for this evening.  In addition to my usual partner,    four others from my Run Group showed up to share the fun.  Because they were mostly new to speedwork we opted for 200m intervals instead of the planned 600m.  I am always surprised to realize how fast I can run during these short segments.  My pace averaged 4:45, well under my 5k goal pace of 5:00.  For a grand finale I ran 2 x 400m at the same pace.  I was pleasantly fatigued by the time we were finished.  Achilles was tender during warm up  but 100% pain free during the run.


It is fantastic to see the rewards of hard work and consistency.  Despite my doubts, I smashed my 13k PB early in the week.  Although it was a hilly route I ran the entire distance, taking 5 minutes off of last year’s time.

Right Gluteus is surprisingly good, in spite of the punishment I inflicted on that hilly route.  Rolling and stretching is an everyday routine and  I can see significant improvement.

Tightness in my right Achilles is cause for concern but I am keeping a close eye on it. My PT is on vacation for 2 weeks and I am hoping that everything will have returned to normal by the time she comes back. It is not painful, just tight… and my range of motion has improved over the last couple of days. Ice and elevation seem to be doing the trick.

I have been tired this week and have been ( unintentionally)  substituting napping for planned gym time.  I must confess that I am only getting 5 hours of sleep at night and it is catching up with me. Several family members have been sick with flu /cold  and I am hoping my immune system is strong enough to resist those germs.  I need to sleep more at night.

I must make another confession. My hydration this week sucks. I need to get better at that.

Ok.. another confession. My Nutrition this week has been less than stellar.

Is there a connection between my Lack of Energy and the sleep, hydration and nutrition deficits?  I suspect so…


The weather this Spring is very wintery.  Cold and windy is the norm these days.  I enjoy  winter running, but not in April.   It is almost over, right?



Weekly Recap/ Week Ending April 6, 2018

My goal race is Maritime Race Weekend in September which seems a long ways away but I know that it will be here before you know it.  My goal is a sub 25  minute 5k., a whopping 5 minutes off my previous best time.  You might recall that I did 26:36 in a race a couple of weeks ago so already am making significant gains.

An extra challenge is that I am a Run Streaker.  No Days Off, even after a hard workout.  Sometimes it is a balancing act.  My Rest Day is a easy 3 miles, which is often mentally harder than an extreme workout.

My training week ends on Friday.  Weird, eh?    But that is how it works when you begin your week on a Saturday.

Last week ended with a large meal and a Rest Day.  This week began with two more large meals and two more Rest Days.


It’s Easter weekend and that means long hard hours  for this baker.  My day actually started at midnight as I was working the back shift to get ready for the busyness  of the day. People want their breads and rolls for Easter so I had to work all night to bake it,  dammit.  I got home around 9am and tumbled into bed for a couple of hours.  When I woke it was time to go to The Camp for deep fried turkey dinner with some buddies.  No time for a run.

Returned home 7pm, and I had to decide between a nap or run before going out for Girls Night Out with some besties.  It ended up being a compromise.. 3 slow miles followed by 30 minute nap. Gosh, I am getting tired of running on a full tummy.  It is hard maintaining a Run Streak some days.

Girls Night Out was an 80`s dance so we can count that as Cardio, right?  On a side note, I had forgotten that the 80’s was a terrible decade for music. Or maybe the DJ just chose all the worst songs….


I knew this weekend was going to be a challenge.  Sunday morning didn`t start very early and by the time I got the Easter pies baked, it was time to go to my Dad`s house to prep Dinner for 37 of my closest relatives.  Groan… more food.  No time for a run pre-dinner which I knew I would regret later.

Sunday evening I managed another slow 3-miler.  I’m glad this weekend is over. I need to get back to my routine of eating nourishing food .  Eat crap =Feel crap.



Reset!  Four consecutive days of Easter Dinner have made me lethargic.  I had planned to go to the gym right after work,  but then my son called me and asked to borrow my car.  His car unexpectedly required repair and he needed wheels to get to work.  I initially thought that my gym plans were a wash but then I had a brilliant idea.  I asked son to drop me off at the gym on his way to work and I would run home.  It is only 5.5km … easily achievable.

Great cardio / strength training workout at the gym. The Easy Run home wasn`t so Easy, after all.  I decided to alter my route for 8km.  Unfortunately it was mostly uphill, I had my gym bag strapped to my back, and I was already fatigued from my workout.   I ran 6km and then brisk walked the remaining 2k.  Run Done.


My son still had my car and offered to pick me up at work so we could drive to Garage to pick up his car.  I declined the offer.  It is about 4km from Work to his house, and there are some lovely hilly side streets between Here and There.  I was scheduled to do Hills some day this week, and Today seemed to be a great opportunity.

These  hills were like no hills that I have ever been on before.  Steep and Long! What a challenge!  I vow to revisit these hills someday soon. I will conquer them.

Oh.. and Tuesday is Group Run night.   I often do Double Runs on Tuesdays.  Our Group run is often  an easy 5k.  but tonight we were doing a speed test.   Our winter route includes a lovely hill which we affectionately call “Cleveland.”  Ok, we call it that because the street name is Cleveland. . We measured our time on this 1.4km segment in October with plans to measure our improvement in the Spring.  Hey, it’s Spring and today is the day.  My October time was 8:34 and today’s time was 8:05…. a whopping 24 seconds off! Woot woot! Not bad for an old girl who spent the afternoon running up some formidable hills.

After Group run I joined a friend for a Tuesday night ritual of CxWorx core strength.


Gym day!  Today I stuck to my usual routine of running BEFORE the gym instead of after.  6k Easy pace, but including Gunningsville Hill.  This is another great hill and I often include it in my pre-gym warmup.  It is 2km from the gym so that affords me a nice warm up, with the Hill being the Icing on the Cake.  The Running Room uses this hill for their repeats on Wednesday evenings and they all offered encouraging words on my way up.  When I reached the top I continued for another 1km before turning around.  On the way down I returned the words of encouragement to the runners huffing and puffing on their way up.

Gym included glute strengthening exercises, mobility and balance. Great workout, though I struggled with Balance.


Intervals!  With Lorneville Loop 13k this weekend, I opted to keep this light.  8x400m at moderate pace.  The wind was fierce, making it a harder effort heading west.  East was  a breeze, literally.


4 miles easy on wooden legs, with frequent walk breaks.


After last weekend’s #eatallthefood, I am back on track nutritionally.    Lorneville Loop 13 road race is this weekend so I deliberately kept my quality run workouts to a minimum.  Last week I did hardly any balance drills and already I can see how much balance I have lost. Squats on a bosu ball were wobbly but achievable.  I could only manage 30 seconds of standing on one foot of bosu ball so that will be my focus for the next few days.

Right glute still showing signs of tenderness the day after a hard (hilly) workout but it’s better than it was.  Little by little, bit by bit, it is improving.  PT has given me exercises to do pre-run and I am doing them about 90% of the time. I know, I know… I need to be 100%…  but life is busy.

It’s just a hill, get over it.! gukk

Weekly ReCap / W/E March 30, 2018

After testing the waters last week to determine my current 5k time, the Jackal is upping the ante by adding a Long run to my weekly schedule.  This week will include three key workouts, with me having the flexibility to choose the days.

  1. Long run 12k
  2. Intervals: 6 x 400m in 2:05 ( 5:12/km pace) with 2 minutes recovery
  3. Hillz Drillz

In addition to these 3 workouts I will continue my cross training / strength training.  This is mostly unstructured for now, but I am committed to going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week for various workouts.

This is how the week went:


I had a rare Saturday off work so I joined my Run Group for a Long Run.  Within the group there are people with different paces, and different distance goals so you can usually pair with someone of similar ability. Some people choose to do 5k but on this day most people were opting for 10k to 14k.  I joined a small group of people who have similar pace to mine.  I wasn’t confident that I could run 12k because I have been struggling for a few days but I was determined to give it my best shot.

DZEBvkiVwAAJgiaThe big difference between running solo and running with this group is… the group follows the Galloway method of run/ walk, and I don’t. However when I run with the group I abide by the 10:1 rule.  When in Rome.. blah, blah, blah.

It was a great day for a run.  A recent snowstorm meant that there were big snowbanks lining the streets, but the pavement was mostly bare. Temperature was -2C with a light wind.  I managed to complete the 12k without too much trouble.  Running with other people certainly made it mentally easier and the 10:1 intervals probably helped too.  This was my longest run since Cape Chignecto Round the Cape 24k Train Run in October.  It was a great feeling of accomplishment to cross this one off my list.


Snow shoeing is cross training, right?  4 miles of snow shoeing / hiking in soft snow.

3 miles run easy pace


More cross training today.

1 mile elliptical

45 minute strength training

4.5 mile run Easy Pace with a couple of friends


PT appointment follow-up visit was scheduled first thing in the morning.  My glutes had improved in the last few weeks and I was looking forward to showing my PT the gains that I have made.   But a couple of days ago I slipped on snow in a parking lot and my entire left leg has been nagging me since.   PT gave me more pre-run exercises to do… it seems like my pre-run routine is longer than my run some days…  and she worked her magic with dry needling.   I felt like a human pincushion as she stabbed me relentlessly from my lower back to my gluteals, hamstring and calf.  This was the most invasive dry needling that I have ever had the pleasure of receiving.  She nixed my Hills session for later today but gave me the okay to run with my run group later in the day, as long as it was easy, slow and flat.  I didn’t tell her that our route goes directly up Cleveland Ave which is a long gradual hill.  I actually ended up walking up the hill, just to be on the safe side.

The needling caused a knot in my left calf which had not been there previously and I could feel my right glutes jiggling with every step.  It’s odd, I had never felt my butt cheek jiggle before, but it jiggled all the way on this run.

Followed up with lots of stretching and rolling.


The dry  needling did the trick..!  Those muscles have loosened up nicely, though my butt cheek still feels oddly jiggly.  Today I did the hills repeats that had previously been scheduled for Tuesday.   It was a light session, out of consideration for my recently needled glutes.  I think I should get bonus points for doing this workout in the rain.

I detest Zumba but  I was coerced by a friend to attend a 60 minute class. The friend has a hot tub which was part of the deal.  Zumba was a small sacrifice for  60 minutes in hot tub. It was win / win… I’ll call Zumba a cardio workout, and the hot tub was a nice treat for my weary muscles.


I don’t usually schedule two hard workouts back to back, but today I ran 8 x 400m repeats.   Besides, yesterday’s Hills Session was the “light” version so I felt comfortable with doing some challenging intervals. Each 400m repeat was 1:55 to 2:00, slightly under my target of 2:05.  Great workout.

I saw these dear little deer while running Intervals. They probably wondered what I was running from…?



I had planned to do strength training at the gym but it just didn’t happen.    Work prevented me from doing anything in the morning, and Easter Dinner with the inlaws at noon  threw a wrench into the rest of the day.  So much food.!  I thought about doing a workout in the evening but decided to go to bed instead as I was scheduled to work at midnight.  I ran an easy Recovery Pace 3 miles and decided to call this a Rest Day.


Right Glute is still a niggling injury so continues to require special attention.  PT has provided me with several pre run exercises to combat this injury.  Between these exercises and the warm up drills provided by Coach Jackal, I am spending as considerable amount of time getting ready BEFORE my run. I have learned to schedule the extra time into each session so I am not rushing.

Gym time was almost non existent this week, partly because  I took it easy for a couple of days after the dry needling, and partly because I just didn’t have time /energy.  Easter is a busy week for me because I am a baker in a grocery store.   Early  morning shifts are the norm for me, but this week my shifts were really early and it was hard on my body to adjust to different sleep patterns.

Weekly mileage was 32.5 miles (52k)

The next few days shall be challenging as I try to balance work with the family meals, etc.   Easter is a busy time of year for retailers and I will be run off my feet. ( not literally.)  I am blessed to be having  three Easter Dinners in three days …… let’s just call it extreme carb loading.

Boom! ( A smashing good Birthday)

It has been a long time since I have updated my progress towards establishing a sub-26 minute PB at Maritime Race Weekend in September.  Though I have been absent here,  I have not been shirking my training schedule.

Coach Jackal has introduced speed intervals, in addition to the hillz drillz and strength training.  In the last couple of weeks I have done 600m and 1000m intervals, with one minute and two minute recovery respectively.

As part of the training process, I had signed up for a local 5k event on March 18 to measure my progress.  When I decided on this date several weeks ago I had hoped to improve my time from 30:06 to sub 29:00.  It was a huge goal but I had been working hard so was confident that I could do it. Based on my interval training, Jackal told me that I was capable of sub 28:00 but I wasn’t convinced.  I was fairly certain that I MIGHT  be able to  do 28:30 IF all the conditions were right AND if I pushed hard, but there was no way that I could do sub 28.

One of the reasons that I chose the March 18 race was that it fell on my birthday and I really liked the idea of smashing a PB on my birthday. It was like a present from me to me.   It was a no frills race with no bling and no shirt but it was a fast course with a lot of downhill. In other words, it was perfect!

The day dawned sunny but cold.  I mean, really really cold!  After a couple of weeks of temperatures hovering slightly above freezing, this day was bitterly cold. … -12c with a real feel of -20c. We hadn’t had temperatures that cold since January.  I wasn’t sure about my ability to smash a PB in those conditions.  I knew that I could probably run a Personal Best but it wouldn’t be by a wide  margin.

Before the race started I did my usual warm up routine… dynamic stretches and an easy run.  Brrr.. it was cold.  Even after my 15 minute warm up run I was still cold.  It did not bode well but I was going to do my best.

Desi Storm was also running in this race. She is much faster than I am but she wasn’t feeling 100% at the Start Line and at the last minute she offered to pace me.  I agreed, though I told her to go ahead of me at any time if she felt like pushing herself.

The first 1000m was slightly uphill but I pushed hard because I knew that the next couple of kilometers was downhill and I could take advantage of that and Recover on the downslope..  We ran much faster than our planned pace and Desi kept asking if I was okay.  I could manage short sentences to reply so that was a good indication that I wasn’t pushing too hard.  We ran much faster than I thought possible and with 1000 meters to go I realized that I could walk the remaining distance and still get a respectable time.  Of course I didn’t walk.. that would have been silly!   A slight uphill slowed me down some but then we were only 500m from the Finish Line.    I gasped to Desi that I had nothing left in the tank and that I couldn’t Sprint to the finish.  With 20m to go she grabbed my arm and  literally pulled me across the Finish Line.

Finish Time   26:36

I kid you not!

I was hoping for sub 29, wondering if I could sub 28 and I ran a sub 27!

It was amazing and wonderful and unbelievable all at the same time.

I still don’t believe it, but it’s on Strava so it must be true.


Happy Birthday to Me ! miramichi5k

PS..  Based on the results of this race, my 5k goal has been modified to sub 25.