Things I learned in 2017

  • It is okay to modify completely change your goals.


  • Waterproof sunscreen is mandatory while running marathons in hot weather, especially if you haven’t seen the sun for weeks. DA_d13aW0AAymO7


  • I run faster at midnight.  (note to self: check local race listings for Midnight 5k. Or create one.)



  • 13 Laps around my street is  5k. dec29







  • There is nothing more tranquil than Nature’s Surround Sound.20170828_124107


  • I have overcome my fear of being eaten by animals on the trails.  Sort of.


  • When running becomes a pain in the ass, it is time to find a good PT.


  • Massage Therapy is great for getting rid of that pain in the ass, and other tight muscles.


  • Massage therapists expect that you will be naked under that sheet.. even if you have just met.


  • Pilates is a good investment of time.


  •  Sex toys are disposable. Who knew..?  17499286_10154262554012461_7183271835563190544_n


  • This is not a new revelation, but I have a great Run Club.  Riverview Running Idiots Rock!  17800244_10154420441541024_8941869714555508828_n



  • I still hate windy days. wind


  • Trail Running is Fun
  • Trail Running is Hard
  • Trail Running is Awesome


  • Volunteering at local races is a great experience.


  • Protein bars with chia seeds is not a good fuel choice while running an Ultra. Those suckers swell in your mouth and taste like vomit.


  • Using the word Fuck like a comma really is a thing.


  • DFL ( Dead Fucking Last ) is something to be proud of. 22007711_10210499062455559_7344499634051432495_n


  • Mill Brook hill in Cape Chignecto is a bastard to climb.



  • There are no strangers in the running community. Some of my biggest supporters are people that I meet during a race.


  • If you don’t get to the Start Line on time, they will start without you


  • You really have to bust your ass if everyone else has a 2 minute head start.


  • Squirrels get pissed off when invaded by runners during a race.


  • Squirrels can have a very accurate aim while throwing pinecones.


  • Snot rockets may be socially acceptable outdoors, but frowned upon at the gym.


  • Active Recovery is better than Inactive Recovery.


  • When binge eating after a marathon, avoid tainted seafood. #pukeallthefood


  • I am stronger ( more stubborn?) than I thought I was.


  • Running is cheaper than therapy, and just as effective.




Resolution Run

My sister and I started the year off on the right foot and then the left foot. Right, left, repeat to cover a total distance of 5k for the annual Resolution run in Moncton.  It’s a great way to start a new year.

26234089_10155018192667461_1677888170_nOur temperatures have been extremely cold for the last week or two, but I have been running outdoors everyday so I have acclimatized.  Sort of.  My sister had never run in such cold temperatures and she considered not participating but I managed to persuade her not to be a wimp. I also offered some advise re. layering and using petroleum jelly on exposed skin.

Temperature was around -13C with a Real Feel of -25C.  Because we dressed appropriately, it was actually a great day for running. The route was along the riverfront trail in Moncton.  As expected it was snow packed and icy in places so we chose to run slowly and carefully.  We finished in exactly 35 minutes, about 4 minutes slower than our usual pace.

resi=oution.pngA big shout out to the coordinators and volunteers who braved the frigid temperatures to make this event so successful.  A nice hot bowl of chili at the Finish Line was the perfect touch.

Happy New Year everyone.

December Review

December is done.  This is the final day of 2017 and  I will write a recap of the year soon, but for now I will just review the month.

DR2lXV_X4AMyKdJAt the beginning of the month, the trails were clear and (mostly) dry.  By mid-December snow had forced me off the trails and into the streets.  For the last couple of weeks the temperatures have  been extremely cold and the roads are snow packed / slushy /yucky / cruddy, so I have not enjoyed a quality run for awhile.   Last week I  was desperate and did some speedwork on the dreadmill.  It wasn’t horrible. I predict that several of my January miles will be on the treadmill.

This month has been dedicated to building a fitness base, with emphasis on Speed in the new year.  A tight soleus muscle has been giving me grief for a few weeks.  It is showing some improvement from stretching and rolling, but I have scheduled an appointment with my PT on January 2.

Monthly total for December is 192 km.  Run Streak  is still ongoing. As I write this I have completed 1128 consecutive days of running.  I also am doing a little Streak Within A Streak, hoping to run 5k a Day for 100 Days.  Today is Day # 81.

Stay safe and warm everyone. DSUnVVxWsAEgWug.jpg



November in Review

puddleNovember is probably my least favorite month.  It is drab and dreary and very uninspiring.  Daylight Savings Time kicks my ass every year, and this year was even worse than usual.   For the first 2 weeks of the month I just wanted to hibernate.  It didn’t help that I was battling a lingering cold that just would not quit.  My daily routine was work/run/eat/sleep. ( not necessarily in that order)

Thank goodness I got out of that rut quickly.   I know others that haven’t been able to shake the November doldrums and I consider myself fortunate that I escaped so easily.

snowyIf October was all about Recovery, then November was all about the Base.  My plans for 2018 include the Hypothermic Half Marathon in February and then an Autumn marathon.  ( I have it narrowed down to 2 possibilities.)   Training will begin in earnest in December, but first I wanted to establish a solid foundation upon which to build. I threw in a few speedwork sessions with short intervals just to keep it fun.  One of my many goals ( I have several) is to improve my 5k speed.  In October I established a base line speed of 30:08 in my #search4speed and this month I  ran it in 30:00.  #gettingbettereveryday

Of course I ran every day in November because that is what I do.  I upped the ante this month by running a minimum of 5k every day instead of my usual minimum of 2k. It went surprisingly well.  I am considering extending this streak-within-a-streak to 100 days of 5k’s. .  We’ll see how it goes.   If my body says “no way” I will stop

DPWM--aVAAA20TYA November review wouldn’t be complete without giving a nod to my Streakaversary.  On November 30, 2014 I started a Christmas Advent Run Challenge.  One thing led to another and before I knew it I was committed to running every day in 2015… and beyond.  It is hard to remember what it is like to NOT run every day. .

Mileage for the month was 136.5 miles (219km) , which was one of my highest totals ever.  I feel like I have a nice solid base now, and will start the next phase of Half Marathon Training next week.

Is Christmas season a good time to start training?  I’ll let you know how it goes…

How are you adjusting to the shorter, colder days of November?  Any special plans or goals for December.



Soaking It All In / November

starkAs a runner I am very aware of how the weather is affected as one season transitions into the next.  Right now we are smack dab in the middle of November and are experiencing dreary weather that is typical of this time of year. October was fantastic….. glorious sunny days that just begged for you to don your shorts and running shoes and get out there to enjoy nature up  close and personal.  But then we had to turn that calendar page….


snowyShortly after October became November, we were also required to turn back the clocks one hour.  Daylight Savings Time kicks my ass every year and I just want to snuggle with Blankie and Pillow until April.  But there is that pesky business of a Run Streak to deal so every day I choose to unass the couch and take that  first difficult step out the door.



shoesMany of my running friends have hung up their running shoes and don’t plan to get them out again until April.  With this chilly gray weather I can understand their motives for Not Running and sometimes I  have a fleeting thought that this would be a really  good idea.   But then I remember that I am not ready to end this run streak yet so off I go.  Mostly I am grateful for the discipline of the Streak that motivates me to get dressed  and get out there every day.  Every. Damned. Day.

puddle.jpgThe weather is going to get worse before it gets better.  That is a guarantee.  We can choose to hate it or we can learn to embrace  to it.  I choose to get out there every day and just soak it all in.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to gather some layers for today’s run.   The weather man tells me that it is -7C.

Hey, at least it’s not raining!







Word of the Day / Ebullient

Ebullient : Overflowing with fervor, excitement, or enthusiasm

There is a brand new Goodlife Fitness Center in my city and I was excited to check it out.  Upon entering I was warmly greeted by an ebullient  young attendant who gave me a quick tour of the facilities. As we chatted he advised me that they offer a free one hour session with a personal trainer who will outline which training options are available to me.  When he asked what my workout goals were I replied that I was interested in cross training that would complement my running goals, and  that I would especially be interested in meeting with a trainer who was familiar with Running.  He immediately made an appointment for me with Kristen ( not her real name) who happens to be a runner.

Kristen was nearby so she was called over to meet me.   She too radiated ebullience.  When she learned that I was a runner, she said, ” Cool, so you run, like, marathons and stuff? ” I assured here that I did indeed run, like,  marathons and stuff.  She told me that she had just run a local marathon.  When I asked her how it went, she told me that it was great and she finished in 28 minutes.  It was then that I realized that she had done the 5k version of the marathon.  *face palm*

My  training session is scheduled for next week and I am looking forward to spending an hour with Kristen. She is a very enthusiastic individual who obviously loves her job so it should be a pleasant experience.  I am confident that she will be able to teach this old dog some new tricks. And maybe I can convince her to train for the 42.2km version of a marathon.





October in Review

DMx4vRXW4AApsQ3.jpgOctober was (mostly) a Recovery Month for me.  My plan was to spend a whole month recovering from September’s Fundy Circuit 50k Trail Run.  But first there was a pesky Cape Chignecto Round the Cape 24k Trail Run to get through on October 8 .  When I registered for this event, I didn’t check  my event calendar and didn’t realize that race was only 15 days after the Fundy 50. This meant that the first week of October was spent trying to find the balance between Maintaining Fitness and Recovery.  Mostly it was short easy runs, with a couple of longer runs thrown into the mix.

As expected, I was not in top form at Cape Chignecto and it took a lot of effort to finish DFL ( Dead Fucking Last) but it was an amazing experience.  If you are not a trail runner, I encourage  you to try it.  There is nothing more therapeutic than embracing nature and feeling it with all of  your senses. But that is a topic for another day.

DL4RVa9VQAAyZCHBecause I am a Run Streaker I run at least 2k a day, even after a tough event. It was no surprise that my first few runs after Chignecto were hard.  In addition to the usual DOMS, I was weary.  My runs felt laborious.  But I kept running because that it what I do.  The weather was beautiful and it seemed a shame to NOT run.  There was a lot of slow running ( and some fast walking)  in October!  And yes, I was beginning to get discouraged because it felt like I had lost my level of fitness forever.


Oh, and I caught a cold.  The lingering kind that doesn’t get really bad but just seems to go on forever and makes you feel tired all the time.  For the last 3 weeks my days have been a pattern of Work, Sleep, Run, Eat, not necessarily in that order.

By the end of the month it was beginning to get easier and I started thinking about new goals.   I want to work on increasing speed over the winter, specifically 5k distance.   On October 26 I established a baseline time of 30:08 as my starting point.  It’s not nearly as fast as my previous best ( 29:02) but it is the best that I can do right now.  Lol.. it was only two weeks ago that I struggled to do that distance in less than 32 minutes so I am quite pleased with it.

Total mileage for the month was 116 miles, ( 187km) slightly above average for me but they were mostly easy-pace miles just for pleasure.  It was lovely to just get out there to enjoy the warm October sunshine and to crunch though the autumn leaves.  Our warm  weather was a gift, and it would have been a shame to waste it.

I have a couple of stupid-crazy goals for November and I am looking forward to that challenge.

Have any of  you been enjoying a gorgeous autumn?

Cheers! 20171031_184314