Work / Eat / Sleep / Streak

This is how my Saturday went:

3:15 Alarm Clock

3:25 : Second Alarm

3:35: Third Alarm

3:41: Drag Ass out of bed, get dressed and ready for work

4:08: Punch time clock to start work day

4:08 – 13:09 : Work ass off.  Note to self: Buy new belt or do squats. Pants won’t stay up with new smaller ass.

13:09 : Punch time clock to end Work Day

13: 15: Arrive home.

13:15 – 13:45 :Shower, get dressed to go to family birthday party

14:00: Arrive at Family Birthday Party

14:00 – 16:30 : Eat All The Food

16:45 : Arrive home, think briefly about the scheduled 7k Tempo Run

16:46 : Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

18:15: Wake up, think about Run, roll over instead and ZZzzzzz

20:30 : Wake up, Holy s**T!  I didn’t run yet! To heck with the Tempo.. it is Run Streak Day 875, just get out there and run.

20:44-20:57 – 2km around the neighborhood wearing regular bra and blue jeans. Hey, if they are comfortable enough for sleeping in….

21:00 – 21:30 : Check to see what all my friends on Social Media are doing.

21:30 : Lights out!

Next day:

3:15 : Alarm Clock rings.


Ottawa Marathon Training Week 23

This plan is developed by me, for me. The bare bones of this plan is Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Marathon Plan with liberal input from Owen Anderson’s “The Science of Running” and Alan Culpepper’s “Running Like A Champion,” with solicited advice from a running friend

.Monday – 5k Easy

Actual: Ran with a buddy, She tricked me into doing 7k. I need to find friends that don’t do that.

Tuesday – 32k LSD / core strength

Actual : I knew this would be tricky.  I have a standing date every Tuesday with a friend for CXWorx core strength, AND today was the only day this week that I could manage the Long Run. I considered canceling the gym date but didn’t really want to do that as my workout partner would have also canceled.  So I did the gym workout first, at light intensity so I wouldn’t completely fatigue my core.  There might not have been much benefit from this workout but it got my friend to the gym, so there is that.  After waiting an hour, I headed out for my 32k.  Felt good so I ran at a faster pace than planned, but I hit a wall from kms. 26-29.  Was it the pre-run workout, the faster pace or just the headwind that I was facing? I don’t know, I was able to rebound and finish the last two kms. at my goal pace.  For the record, I do not recommend a core workout before or after a long run. Nor do I recommend running faster than you have planned for a long distance.

Wednesday – 30 minutes cycling / 3k Recovery run

Actual :  After yesterday’s Long Run, I have a rare case of DOMS.  I considered skipping the cycling but went ahead and did it.  It wasn’t so bad and was a nice warm up for my Recovery Run.  It was a horrible run but my legs do feel better.

Thursday- Core strength / Circuit

Actual: Quads are still feeling slightly stiff so I am going to postpone this circuit workout until tomorrow to allow them one more day of rest.  Core Strength was done as planned, though with less intensity than usual.   In lieu of the circuit training, I substituted Upper Body Strength.

C9-fv-iVoAAh1rBFriday – Cross Training, 60 minutes

Actual : Switched Thursday workout with Friday workout.  Today I did the circuit training. This is the first time this year that I have been able to do the circuits outdoors.  My favorite route for this workout has a gazebo for the exercises, and a 400m loop for the running segments. It’s Construction Season and the loop has a big hole in the middle of it so I had to do a “there and back” instead.

Saturday – Tempo – WU /4k @10k pace / Cool down 2k

Actual : Didn’t happen.  I worked, attended a family birthday party, ate , and slept.

Sunday – Rest

Actual : Since I rested yesterday, today I did the Saturday Tempo.  The 4k Tempo was actually faster than my usual 10k pace and it felt good.  Ran 1k and then walked 1k to cool down.

Summary:  This was a topsy turvy week but I got all the workouts done, though some of them were done out of order. On my Long Run I gave into temptation and ran faster than my planned pace, then paid for it late in the run, and then again the next day. Lesson learned.  Weather remains cool but comfortable.  Here’s hoping the temperatures in Ottawa on May 28 will be less than 10c. C9ppOgmXUAEISar

Ottawa Marathon Training / Week 22

This is my accountability blog.  By writing my progress here, I am staying focused and pushing harder than I normally would. It is also a learning tool as I figure out how this marathon training thing works.

This plan is developed by me, for me. The bare bones of the plan is Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Marathon Plan with liberal input from Owen Anderson’s “The Science of Running” and Alan Culpepper’s “Running Like A Champion,” with solicited advice from a running friend.

20170410_150910.jpgMonday – Planned 60 minutes cycling / 3k Recovery Run

Actual: So here is how it went down.  I wore my workout clothes to the gym with the idea that I was going to use this Recovery Run as a Warm Up on a nearby trail before going into the gym to use the stationary bike.  The execution of this plan was less than desirable.   The run went ok, but I learned an uncomfortable lesson about ignoring bathroom urges.  “nuff said.  Instead of entering the gym I drove home and had a shower and did some laundry.  Cycling didn’t happen and will be rescheduled, but I did do a couple of hours of hiking through my Dad’s woodlot so there is that.

Tuesday – Planned 10k Easy / Core Strength

Actual:   As always core strength was done with a buddy, so there was no getting out of that.  We went to the gym early and did 30 minutes together on the elliptical.  To compensate for this extra activity I cut my run short. ( 6k)

20170411_142535Wednesday – vVO2Max/ Warm Up/ 5×800 with equal time recovery/ cool down 1 mile

Actual:  Feeling fatigued after working on my feet all day, but I got ‘er done.    The 800m intervals took about 4:30-4:40 minutes, so I can’t complain about that.  Not my best results, but all things considered it was a great workout.  I’m not gonna lie… I was glad to finish the last interval.

Thursday – 5k Easy Running / Core Strength

Actual :  Today I ran with a buddy.  She was in charge of the route, and tricked me into doing 7k.  Bummer!  Instead of the core strength workout I ate out with my Run Group.  (not exactly an equal substitute… fatten the tummy versus flatten the tummy? )


20170417_145112.jpgFriday – Circuit Workout / WU / 400m @5k intensity/ 10x 1 leg bicepcurls/ 45situps/18burpees/15 bench dips/ 400m @5k intensity/ /7@ feet-elevated pushups/12 squat,dumbell press/ 45 lower back extension/ 10@ one leg squat, 10lb dumbbell/ 400m @5kintensity/ Cool Down 3k

Actual : It’s Good Friday.  As a baker, I have been working my butt off this week.  I rested .  I am going to put off this workout for a few days and somehow make it fit  into next week’s schedule.  I did  enjoy a nice hike to the sugar woods with hubby.

Saturday- Rest Day

Actual: After yesterdays unscheduled Rest Day, I knew that I had to make adjustments.  Instead of resting today I ran 2k warmup, followed by one hour of cycling. ( the workout that I missed earlier this week. )

Sunday- 8k Easy

Actual: I ran with a buddy, 11k. #bonusmiles Then prepared Easter Dinner. So much food.!


I blame Easter for the chaotic week.  As a baker, I have been working long and hard to prepare for this busy weekend.  In my free time I have been getting ready for Easter Dinner for my family.  ( 23 people)

I skipped one workout and rescheduled another.  As I have mentioned before, circuit/strength workouts are not my strength and I don’t have to look far to find an excuse to not do it.  I don’t like missing a workout. I don’t like rescheduling. Every workout has a purpose and the schedule is designed to flow smoothly for optimum efficiency. That being said , I DID miss a key workout and it WILL be rescheduled early next week. With only five weeks remaining it is critical that I complete each workout as it is scheduled so it does not disrupt the rest of the week.

Total mileage this week. : 43km ( but it feels like more! )




Ottawa Marathon Training / Week 21

This is my accountability blog, designed to keep me focused.   This plan was designed by me and is based on Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Marathon training plan,with insight from  Owen Henderson’s “Science of Running” and Alan Culpepper’s “Run Like A Champion.”  with a heaping helping of solicited advice from a running friend. Marathon Training is a learning experience for me and I am tracking my progress for future reference.


Monday – Planned 5k Easy Running / Cycling 12 minutes WU / 4 x 5 minutes intense with 3 minute recovery

Actual : 5k was an easy run with a buddy.   Cycling was done at the gym, followed by CxWorx with another buddy. We usually go on Tuesdays but she is not available then so we switched days.

Tuesday – 5k Easy / Core Strength

Actual : I did the core strength yesterday due to the unavailability of my workout partner.  Tonight I joined my run group for a social run.  I ran with a couple of people who have not been running much.  It was a nice enjoyable slow pace, but they coerced me into running 6.5km.  I am so easily persuaded.

C8qYGn1XYAAP6nQ.jpgWednesday – Planned 29km

Boom! Done! With a HM PB to boot! It was only by 5 seconds but I’m taking it.

Thursday – Planned 5k Active Recovery / Core Strength

Actual: Before I even laced up my shoes I decided to shorten this distance to 3km. I finished with 2.65km.  I was not mentally prepared and my body decided that it wouldn’t cooperate either.  It was a horrible run and I hated every step.

Core strength :  I attended CxWorx class with a buddy. It was interesting to note how sore my core was after yesterday’s run.   I guess the lesson that I learned is that my core muscles work hard during a long run ( and that’s good, right?) and require time to recover.  It was  tough workout and I decreased the level of intensity. It felt good to be done.

Friday – Planned  Warm Up 2k / Strength Training / 2k Tempo / 2k Cool Down

Actual : I am feeling fatigued.  With a road race on Sunday, I opted to do some light strength training, with a 3k warm up.

Saturday – Rest

Actual : I ran a windy 2km for Run Streak Day #861.




Sunday – Lorneville Loop 13k Road Race

Actual : Nailed it!  I wasn’t sure how this would go, a hilly road race only 4 days after a Long Run. I planned to use this as a Tempo Training  Run with no thought of trying for a PB.  The first few kilometers were uphill and I struggled with my breathing. A downhill stretch at 5 -6k was a welcome relief and allowed my legs to wind up and then just keep going.  My pace was faster than I planned but it felt good so I decided to just go for it.  I finished 22 seconds faster than my previous best time, and it was also my best 10k effort by 30 seconds.



Summary: In hindsight I could have planned this week better.  The 29k long run followed by a 13k road race four days later wasn’t my best idea.  Core strength workout the day after a long run was a horrible idea.  But hey, this is a learning experience and I maybe I will be smarter next time.   Thank goodness my body is smart enough to tell me when I am being a dumbass.  And thank goodness I am still smart enough to listen to my body.

Total distance this week 62. 3 km.  If you are keeping score you will realize that I earned 3 PB’s this week, including Wednesdays 21.1k.  I’ll take it.

Ottawa Marathon Training / Week 20

Monday : Core Strength

Actual : Planned to do core strength with a buddy, but she rescheduled until tomorrow.  Ran 2k at Rest Day pace.

17626313_785997144908926_4128132878398041918_nTuesday : Planned 8k Easy / Cross Training

  • Actual : Ran 5.5k with a buddy, but it wasn’t easy because of snow and slush.   There was no advantage to finish the 8k.  I can guarantee that the Ottawa Marathon will not have snow and slush underfoot, so I didn’t see the need to continue today.
  • 30 minutes on stationary bike,  15 minutes on elliptical, followed by yesterday’s rescheduled CxWorx.

Wednesday : Planned vV02Max – Warm Up. / 5 x 800 meters, recover equal time Cool Down 2k

Actual : The streets today were yucky after last night’s freezing rain / snow.  I considered doing a treadmill workout but then decided to simply switch with Friday’s cross training day.  I did run 5k to warm up, then 5 miles on stationary bike and 85 floors on Stair Climber.

Thursday : Planned 10k Easy

Actual :  Nailed it. Ran 5k with a buddy, then continued to run another 5k solo.

17457636_786575288184445_3350881713408419424_nFriday :  Cross Training

Actual : Today’s workout was done on Wednesday, and Wednesdays speedwork was done today.  800 meter intervals ranged from 4:15 to 4:30 minutes, so I have seen some huge progress there.  Previous attempts were 4:50 to 5:00 minutes.  If I can believe Bart Yasso, my marathon can be done in 4 and a half hours,  20 minutes faster than my goal time. I don’t believe him.


Saturday : Planned Rest Day

Actual : 2k Active Recovery Run.  Right hamstring tight, note to self: extra attention with foam roller


Sunday : Planned Warm Up. 5k Tempo. Cool Down

Actual : Family Stuff got in the way and I wasn’t able to run until late evening.   No Tempo, just a simple 5k run.

This training period is flying by.  It will be Marathon Day before I know it.  I thought the winter running was behind me but apparently I was wrong about that.  I am looking forward to warmer temperatures.


Found on the Ground

As a runner I notice the way the snow has been gradually melting, revealing buried treasures that have not been seen for weeks.  Things like Christmas decorations, broken toboggans and all sorts of assorted garbage.

C6lL6hYWsAAiFIlA couple of weeks ago I was out for a run, minding my own business when I spied this object on the ground.  It was obviously the victim of a snowplow-versus-garbage-bag incident.  I literally stopped in my tracks for a closer look. Whoa!  Is that really what I think it is?  Yup!  Someone had apparently discarded this magic wand. Out with the old, in with the new?

I run this route often but didn’t see this Joy Stick again for several days. I thought someone might have picked it up,  but apparently it was simply hidden under fresh snow for a few days. .  Here in New Brunswick we often have snow late in the season.  When the snow melted again, there it was again in all it’s naked glory.

Interestingly enough,  this Dildo is exactly  2.5 km from my house and it has become the Turn Around Point of one of my new favorite routes.

17499286_10154262554012461_7183271835563190544_nIt goes like this.

  • Proceed along Traynor Street
  • Take a HARD left onto Trites Road.
  • Go ALL THE WAY up Trites Road
  • At the end of Trites Road, take another HARD left onto Callowhill
  • Proceed approximately 400 meters to the Dildo
  • Take a foot selfie with Dildo
  • Turn around and retrace the route.


This run is NOT VERY LONG.  Upon reflection, it is not VERY HARD either   It is perfect for pleasure and should put a smile on your face.

Some days you dil-do and some days you dil-don’t.


Editor’s Note : I travelled this route today for my usual 5k.  It is gone.  Either some one has picked it up to make a sweet Medal Rack, or the snowplow carried it away after our most recent snowfall.

I am feeling let down.



Ottawa Marathon Training , Week 19

This is a journal of my marathon training. It is my second marathon and I am still trying to figure things out. My training plan is loosely  based on Owen Anderson’s “The Science of Running, ” with a lot of input from “Run Like A Champion” by Alan Culpepper.  It is a learning experience for me, and I am chronicling my efforts here to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. This is how week 19 looks.

Monday – Planned Speed Intervals 9 x 400 meters, 20 minute warm up, 20 minute cool down

windActual : I have been doing most of my speedwork on the treadmill at the gym but decided that I preferred to run outdoors this evening. Gunningsville Bridge has  a nice flat, well-lit pedestrian walkway so I ran there to begin the workout.  The wind was unexpectedly fierce.  Well, maybe I should have expected it, but I didn’t.  Speed intervals with wind resistance is a challenge. I only did 5 repeats instead of the required 9.  I met a fellow runner and we naturally started running and talking together.  Besides, I was quite exhausted from fighting that wind.  The effort was great, and Garmin says I didn’t do too badly either.

Tuesday – CxWorx,  10k Easy running

Actual :  I decided to go early to the gym to do a little bit of cross training before CxWorx. I opted to do 30 minutes on the Elliptical, including several resistance / speed / ramp incline  intervals to compensate for  yesterday’s aborted Speedwork session.

C7eJlFbX0AAxs4KAfter  leaving the gym I attempted to do my 10k outdoors.  By “attempted” I mean that I fell arse over teakettle after tripping on this sidewalk, only 70 meters into my run. Falling hard on my left side, but pain jolted the entire right side of my body.  I walked for a few minutes and then gingerly did 5k. Hamstring,  glute and IT band, and everything in between, are all very tight but I think I gently stretched them during this easy run.

Wednesday – Planned 8k easy

Actual : Still sore after yesterday’s tumble. I attempted to run but my legs felt like they belonged to someone else. Knee felt a bit wonky at first but got better.  I decided to quit after 2k.  My body needs rest more than it needs miles.

Thursday – Planned 20k , Warm Up 3k, Tempo 14k @6:55 pace, Cool Down 3k

Actual : With trepidation, I dressed in layers and started out the door.  Temperatures plummeted last night and it was -28C (-18F) with the windchill when I started out.   A little Blizzard-That-Couldn’t left light snow on the ground. And I wasn’t sure how the body would feel after my tumble a few days ago.  Legs felt good, so I decided to give it my best shot.   I chose to forego the Tempo part of the run and just do what felt good.  It was too cold to bare my wrist to use my Garmin as a pace-keeper, and the underfoot conditions were not favorable.  I ended up doing intervals.. run faster where the ground was bare, slow down on snow. At 16k my right side… lower back, hip, glute, hamstring and knee said.. ” That’ll do. ”   I calculated that I was appox. 2k m from my house, so I stopped running and walked home. Total distance 18.5km.


Friday – Cardio / Strength Training.

Actual : When I review my previous weeks I  realize that Strength is my weakness.  Strength workouts are the ones that I do not give 100% effort. Today was no exception.  30 minutes of biking and 15 minutes of rowing took care of my cardio and I did Cxworx core strength fitness class.  Thank goodness that I have a buddy who goes to CxWorx with me twice a week. We keep each other accountable.

Saturday : Hills 7 x 400 meters.

My Run Club is doing hills tomorrow and I have decided to join them.  Today  is a beautiful spring day so I went out for an enjoyable 6k.

Sunday : Planned Rest Day

Actual : Yesterday’s hills were tackled first thing this morning with my Run Group.  Total distance 9.6km with 7 lovely hill climbs.

Summary:  Total mileage 42 kilometers… 11 kilometers less than planned.  A slight tumble threatened to put me on the injury bench but fortunately I recovered within a couple of days.   Hills were postponed one day, without impacting the training cycle significantly. Long Run was cut short by 2km because some body parts were beginning to get angry. ( only 2 days after my Great Fall)

One thing that I am learning is that by changing one workout, it often impacts other workouts.. much like a dominos effect. As I sit down every Sunday to tweak the upcoming week’s schedule, I am mindful of family and work commitments as well as Group Runs.  By  working my training plan into my life schedule, there is less chance that I will have to postpone or skip a workout.