Run Streak Day # 666 / Run With The Devil



My run streak is not really a big deal… it is just something that I do.  I usually run every day without fanfare but for Day #666 I wanted to do something special. I mentioned it to a couple of friends from my run club and they were eager to plan something fun.  We tossed around a few ideas and decided that the Run With the Devil would have to include a run through a cemetery.

14440804_10153884697381024_8076849936504107529_nWe chose Gray’s Island Cemetery because of a fabled haunted statue there. 6:66 pm was chosen as the start time and everyone was encouraged to dress in costume.   Starting point was the Baptist Church in Salem.  You will recall that the witch trials happened in Salem.  Probably not the same Salem but it seemed fitting.






Witches and devils and vampires, oh my!  I don’t know what the residents of Hillsborough thought, but we weren’t shot, so that’s a bonus, right?





14483523_10153701393200938_296882910_nBy the time we got to the graveyard it was getting eerily dark.  Prior to the run I had joked that I was going to go streaking in the cemetery to celebrate 666 days of streaking.  Imagine everyone’s surprise when I ducked behind a grave stone and started taking off my clothes.  The cemetery was alive with shrieks and laughter when I started ‘ streaking” towards my running buddies.


Of course we posed for a photo with the haunted headless White Lady. And my running buddies gave me some cool bling.

It was so much fun.. it makes me want to stop running for a day so I can start all over again and celebrate again in 666 more days.




Streaking is fun.  Streaking in a cemetery at night is really fun.

















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