When Everything Wrong Turns Out All Right

Prince Edward Island Marathon is 3 weeks away.   Eeeeek!  I can’t believe I just said that.  My training took a big hit a few weeks ago when my terminally ill mother took a rapid downward spiral.  It was her wish to die at home and my siblings and I assured her that we would do whatever it takes to honor that wish.  At the time I did not know how mentally exhausting it would be, or how much time I would spend at her bedside.

Marathon training went out the window but I still ran every day because of my stupid run streak.  That wasn’t so bad because the running kept me sane.  Even though I wasn’t Running With Purpose, the 20-30 minute break that I took each day to run was enough to refresh my batteries so to speak.

I will write another blog post sometime about the honor of sitting with my mom in her final days but today’s post is about Marathon Training.  Or lack of Marathon Training.  Her funeral was 4 days ago and I  realized that I need  ( want ) to get out for a Long Run.  My running buddy lives near my Dad so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone by spending the night at my Dad’s house.   I could spend some time with Dad AND have a short drive in the morning to the designated start place.

Here are all the things that I did wrong

  • Erratic Sleep patterns in the last 2 weeks
  • Irregular Mealtimes
  • Bad Carbs.  Loads and Loads of Bad Carbs.  People bring Bad Carbs to grieving families
  • No Good Carbs.  My parents do not share my love of whole grains and green stuff
  •  Hydration sucked!
  • I committed the cardinal sin of Skipping a Long Run last week, and the week before
  • I forgot to pack my toothbrush
  • I forgot to pack Body Glide
  • I forgot my orange vest ( last day of Moose Season)
  • I whacked and twisted my knee on bedframe after turning off light at Dad’s house and running across floor to avoid the Monsters Under the Bed.
  • I forgot to bring Fuel, and then I couldn’t buy the right Fuel.  Seriously, even a small community like Riverside / Albert should sell Swedish Berries at their general store. I took a chance and bought a bag of assorted gummies.

This is how it went :

  • We didn’t die.
  • I used deodorant in place of Body Glide, even on my feet.  No blisters and just slight chaffing in Bra band area.
  • Vega products are magic.  Even with my sucky fuel strategy the Vega pre-workout kept me going.
  • The gummies were okay and didn’t cause any digestive stress.
  • Finger brushing your teeth is gross.
  • Even without the orange vest we did not get mistaken for Cow Moose and didn’t get shot though we heard gunfire in the distance. ( We were in a protected area but that is no guarantee that hunters wont be stupid. )
  • I thought my buddy would have to drag me but I ended up dragging her the last few km.
  • Planned 35km but felt great so I did another km just because I could.  Buddy stopped at 35k and stretched.
  • My knee was stiff this morning but felt ok once we started.



Here we are at the Halfway point. I think HaHa is a really cool name for a cemetery.

pieRecovery was the usual… Vega Recovery Accelerator, Stretching, Epsom Salts, Sigvaris Compression Socks, Pumpkin Pie, etc.  Yes, I said Pumpkin Pie.  Dad couldn’t believe that I ate the whole pie but I assured him that I didn’t eat the WHOLE pie.  Besides there was another one in the fridge which he promptly hid.

I admit that I was a little bit nervous about this run so it was  a relief to know that I managed to pull it off.  For the next 3 weeks I Taper and Fuel and Hydrate.  Yesterday I doubted myself but today I feel confidant that I can do this.

Now  I need to figure out how to run 6.66 km for tomorrow evening’s Run With The Devil .


And here we are at the End, still standing and still smiling. Even without orange vests I don’t think anyone would mistake us for Cow Moose.






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