Marathon Training

I love Marathon Training.

I hate Marathon Training

My Long Run this week was horrible but that should come as no surprise.  I had scheduled my run into my weekly agenda and it  fell into the category of Something That I Have To Do Today.  It wouldn’t have been too bad if I had set myself up for success but I chose to do everything wrong this week… inefficient fuel, inadequate sleep, lack of hydration.  And worst of all I attended a HIIT session two days prior to the Long Run.  My quads were screaming before I even put my running shoes on.

20160826_100031The weather was  hot and I should have gone out early to avoid the midday heat but I dilly dallied around the house and didn’t get out until 9 am. The first couple of kilometers weren’t bad but then it went downhill.   By the 6th kilometer I wanted to quit and the next couple of hours I was in mental battle with myself. The struggle was 90% mental and 10 % physical.  When I started training for my marathon a friend advised me to Never Skip a Long Run.  I wanted to abort this one but I was determined to finish it.  If the struggle was physical I would have done the sensible thing and stop to avoid injury but it was mostly mental so i dug in my heels and kept going.

20160826_100038.jpgI saw a dead mouse, a dead mole, a dead frog, and 2 dead birds. I suspect that they might have all died of heat stroke and I feared that might be my fate too.  Several times I stopped to rest under shady trees.  Several times I stopped to walk. Three times I refilled my water bottles.  It took me over four hours to finish.  Four Freaking Hours!  But.. I finished! Yay, me!



Prep:  I set myself up for failure.

Fuel : Red Swedish Berries seem to be the best fuel for me.  Unlike gels, they do not cause indigestion or cramps.  Two candies every 45 minutes is about right.

Hydration: H-Two-Oh and Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator.  I had the foresight to carry some $$$ with me to buy water if I couldn’t find any fountains.  This probably saved my life as I ended up buying 2 bottles of water. I later found a fountain and filled up the third time.  Sidenote: cold water causes stomach cramps.

20160826_100616 (1)Clothing : Purple shorts were a bad choice.  Groin sweat looks like bladder leakage. It was so hot that I took my shirt off. If you hear reports of a big white whale near the Peticodiac River in downtown Moncton, that was just my bare belly.  Running without a shirt is fabulous and I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks.  ( I am sorry for scaring those children at the park though)

Anti chaff -2Toms Sport Shield for Her.  I applied this everywhere ( and  I mean Everywhere!  ) Every pore in my body produced gallons of sweat but I had absolutely no chaffing or blistering.   Win!


Pace – All over the place. I walked, I ran, I staggered, I shuffled. Most important.. I Finished.

Recovery : Epsom Salt Baths / Foam Roller / Stretching / Sex  (not necessarily in that order)  This is the second time that i have used Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator and I am surprised at how well it works.  No muscle soreness the next day.! I am a firm believer in Active Recovery and I comfortably ran 2 miles the next day.

My Long Run was 2 days ago and i was feeling discouraged.  Today in similar weather conditions I ran 11km at a steady pace without stopping once for a walk break.  Today I feel empowered.   I am going to rock that Marathon.

Next week training plan is 32k. and I am looking forward to crushing it. !






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