Going the Distance

The PEI Marathon is only 8 weeks away…. eeeeek!  It is my first Full Marathon and I am starting to ask myself ” what was I thinking?”

Here are some scattered thoughts regarding my training.

The best advice that I have received is Never Skip a Long Run.  So far I have skipped a few runs but never a Long Run.

The hardest part about doing a long run is scheduling the time.  I am not a fast runner so we are looking at a 3 to 4 hour chunk of time and in a couple of weeks even longer.

Post run naps are the best.

The best part about running a long distance is eating a gazillion calories afterwards.

Distance running is more mentally challenging than physically challenging.

It is impossible to carry enough water to stay hydrated during a 24k training run on a hot humid day.  Suggestion: keep water in the car and plan to loop back to refill

Water from garden hoses tastes yucky but it is better than dying from dehydration.

Fresh rain water is better than water from garden hoses but harder to capture.

Panties !  If they are uncomfortable, ditch ’em.

LSD runs in heavy rain may cause you to chaff in areas that you didn’t even realize rub together.

For heavens sake don’t answer your phone on a long run. It is probably one of your children that need / want  you to do something for them.

Vega recovery accelerator – recommended by a friend and I like it.  It tastes foamy but it is not horrible.  My long run this week was 26k and I wasn’t sore the next day.

Don’t eat crap , ever!  Even when you are eating a gazillion calories after a run.

Running is not work. It is a gift for us to enjoy.









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