Day #600 / Just Another Day

It wasn’t really a big deal…just another day.  Thursday July 21 was the 600th consecutive day that I have ran at least one mile.  I should have probably done something to commemorate but somehow it was low on my list of priorities.  Oh.. I had thought of a few things.  I briefly considered going Streaking on my  600th Day of Streaking but I couldn’t think of any place to do it that wouldn’t get me arrested.  Besides, I gave Streaking a Trial Run last week on a secluded beach and I have seen the pictures of my arse. It is the size and shape of a bus.  Not a little bus… a big double decker bus.  So I knew that Streaking would be out of the question.  I have not excluded it from future milestones but for #600 it just wasn’t right.

I like numbers so thought that doing 6.00 miles would be kinda cool. There was a  2 hour window of opportunity in the afternoon and it wasn’t really hot so I had loads and loads of time.  Then a couple of phone calls from my sister and mother whittled into that two hour window so I starting to be pressed for time.  I calculated that I still had enough time, but barely.  Then my phone rang again.  This time it was my son. He wanted me to sit on the babies.  My two grandsons needed a babysitter and I was the only option. Sigh!

No big deal…   the run was merely postponed until evening. I’m flexible like that.

Thursday evening is Mixed Pairs at my lawn bowling club.  There are some lovely trails near the lawn bowling club  so I decided to simply reschedule the run for after the game  and shorten it to 6:00k instead of 6:00 miles so I would be able to finish before dark.  It’s not that I am afraid of the dark… but I am afraid of the things that I can’t see in the dark. Besides, this particular park is known for After Dark games like Men Seeking Men and it can be awkward listening to the rustlings and giggles in the bushes.

The lawn bowling match went longer than expected.  My team was down 6-0 after the third end so we slowed our game down and started playing a more technical game.  It took a lot longer but we walloped the opposing team by a final score of 19-8. Yay, us.

600Anyway,, about halfway through the  game I realized that 6k would not even be an option.  I would be lucky if I had time to run even 2k. My plans for running a special 600 run was slowly slipping away.  So then I had the brilliant idea to ‘draw’ the letter 600.   As we battled it out on the bowling green  I mentally plotted it out in my head.  This is what I expected it to look like.   In hindsight I should have made my zeroes by running around the tennis court  and football field.  In the end it didn’t even matter because my six doesn’t even look like a six.

The reality did not match the expectation. july 21 Nope, not even close.  I wish I could do this one over.






As far as runs go this one was horrible.  I was tired, my feet were heavy, my legs felt like lead, my lungs unhappily protested, I was hungry, it was getting dark  AND I had to poop.  There were ducks and geese all over the path around the pond.  Ducks are cool, but geese terrify me.  And they poop everywhere.   I had to dodge big Goose Poop landmines all over the place.  Did I mention that I had to poop?  My intestines were in such turmoil that I couldn’t even run properly.  Before I was even halfway done I knew that this run would not exceed my daily minimum of 2k.

Thankfully the run was finally done. But..  uh oh.. this bowel  decided that it could not wait until we got home to evacuate.  A sprint to the bathroom was in order.  Sadly my Garmin was turned off but I am sure that I got a 500 meter PB.   I won’t share the details of my explosive diarrhea except to  say that it was the perfect way to end a shitty run.

Maybe I should be disappointed that Day 600 wasn’t anything special but I am not.  It was just another typical chaotic day in the life of Me and I somehow found 15 minutes to run just like I have for the last year and a half. Thankfully most of my runs are enjoyable but once in awhile there will be one that is a chore.  Day #600 was like that. I have learned to simply get it done and forget it.

My next milestone is #666 and I am already kicking around some ideas for that.  … like eating  Devil’s Food Cake and / or running naked in a cemetery at midnight…….stay tuned…



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