‘Til Death Do Us Part

merrillandSylvia.jpgSixty years ago my parents pledged to love each other for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health ’til death do them part.  For 6o years they have put each other’s needs and desires before their own.  For 60 years they have weathered storms together.  They have known the joys and challenges of raising 7 children, and recently have known the sorrow of burying their son.

Mom and Dad have both battled cancer and have supported each other through surgery / chemo/ radiation. We thought they had both beat it, but Cancer has reared it’s ugly head again and had taken root in my mother’s brain and lungs.  We know that Cancer will win this round.  We just don’t know when.   On Monday she will begin radiation to shrink the tumour in her brain.  The doctor wanted to start tomorrow but tomorrow is their 60th Wedding Anniversary so he agreed to delay it until next week.

13427945_10154369214173530_5891759554460211186_nWe had a party last weekend to celebrate their milestone anniversary. We had been planning the party for months and weren’t sure how to proceed because we are all still grieving my brother’s sudden death two weeks prior. And we didn’t know if my mother would be well enough.  In the end we asked our parents for their blessing to proceed with the party.  My mother reluctantly agreed because she knew that it would please my father.  As always, she put his desires first.

It was a wonderful party and I will write a separate blog someday.

It is a 45 minute drive to the hospital and my  father will drive her every day for her radiation treatments.  When I suggested to him that my siblings and I could share the driving responsibilities he replied that he was merely upholding his wedding vows.  How truly blessed I am to have parents who are so devoted to each other.  I am not sure if it is heartwarming or heartbreaking to watch them as they travel the road to  “til death do us part.”

And yes, I am crying as I write this.


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