So I was at a Funeral and a Photo Shoot Broke Out..

This is a story about a Truck.  It is a story about my Brother’s Truck.  Roger had been telling me for a few weeks about this new truck that he was getting, a 2016 Freightliner. He was excited and I  shared his enthusiasm because.. well … he is my brother. It isn’t really HIS truck. I mean he is not the owner, but his company was providing it for him to drive and he was pretty pumped.

rogeOn Friday May 27 the truck arrived and Roger couldn’t wait until Monday to drive it.  On Sunday after church he told his wife that he had something to show her. He drove to his workplace and proudly showed her his truck.  She jokingly pulled out her phone and offered to take a picture but he declined before  posing beside his brand new truck.

Monday morning he drove the truck for the first time. On Tuesday he drove it for the last time.  Tragically he died in a workplace accident later that day.  There are no words to describe how it feels to lose a sibling so suddenly.

I’m not gonna lie.. it has been a tough week. I will skip the part about the broken hearts and broken parents and go directly to the funeral. It was arranged that the truck would lead the funeral procession to the cemetery, and it would be driven by my nephew.  What a beautiful tribute to my brother.  If there were any dry eyes in the house at this point, there weren’t any as Nicholas blew the air horn to begin the parade.

After the graveside ceremony Nicholas asked his grandfather ( my father ) if he wanted to drive in the truck when he returned it to the owner.  My father’s eyes lit up. He had been on one trip to PEI with Roger years before and often spoke of driving in the Big Truck. Before they got in the truck they posed for a picture. Suddenly everyone got their phones out and were taking pictures.  Then another nephew joined them for more pictures.  Then Roger’s daughter.  Then someone dragged my Mother over for a picture. I have never seen so many photos taken at a funeral before. It was like a family photo shoot.


It was a wonderful thrill for my father to drive in Roger’s big truck one last time.  He was especially thrilled because his grandson was driving.  And I was so happy to see my father smile on a day when we had no reason to smile.

Let the healing begin. 20160605_160021.jpg



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