Didn’t see this one coming…

Late night phone calls are never good. When my phone rang last night at 11:19 pm my first thought was that it was regarding my Mother, who’s health has been deteriorating for the last several weeks. Imagine my shock to hear my  brother’s wife with the words.  “I have some bad news. It’s Roger. He is gone. ”

rogMy Brother. Gone. It is hard to wrap my head around it. Gone. Never to share a Christmas again. Never to hear his gentle teasing laugh. Gone. Never to hear him proudly talk about his daughter and their many shared projects.  Just Gone. Gone…

I spoke with him via phone the night before his death and I will always be thankful for that. As busy adults sometimes we don’t talk to each other for weeks, though we text frequently.

It was a workplace accident and details are not forthcoming as Workplace NB is doing an Investigation. Today is his birthday. He died less than 6 hours before his 57th Birthday.  I know it is corny, but a few months ago I started commemorating my sibling’s birthdays by running a distance that is equivalent to their age.  Today I ran 5.7km in his memory. If you saw a lady running around Centennial Park today bawling her eyes out, that was me.  When I couldn’t see through the tears, I slowed to a Walk.  It was therapeutic but I am still  numb.

My Running Streak total now stands at 550 Days.  It came very close to ending at 549 days.  Some days are tough. This one was the toughest ever.

I truly did not see this one coming.

Love to you all.



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