Hopewell Rocks 8k Multi- Terrain

This is my second year to do this race.  Last year I kept my sister company for her first ever running event and we had a blast.  This year I had the pleasure to run with my daughter.  She has only been running for  a few months and has never ran a distance of more than 5k.   I encouraged her to register and promised that I would be with her every step of the way.  It is a hilly course and I agreed that we would walk up every hill.  Hey, it’s  a tough course and her first 8k.

Wouldn’t you know it…Daughter was sick  the day of the race.   She woke up with an  upset tummy that just wouldn’t go away. This is a tough course to begin with.  Lots of hills…. long hills . Add a tummy ache to that and it becomes extremely tough.  We ran, we walked, and we walked some more.   The course is divided loosely into 3 loops, with Loop 2 overlapping a section of Loop 1.  As we neared the end of Loop 1 we heard fast runners approaching from behind.. and chuckled as we were Lapped by the top 3 or 4 runners.


Heat and humidity met us at Loop 2 and I was envious of the runners who had already crossed the Finish Line and were sipping cold beer by now. This was a tough Uphill part of the course and we ended up walking most of it. Daughter later confessed that she would have quit at this point if she was by herself.

.  Loop 3 took us to my favorite part of the race, the Ocean Floor. This part was tough because of the uneven terrain but we loved it. Skipping and hopping over rocks and mud.. it was like being a child again.


Tstairshe final challenge was the stairs.  Newly constructed, this staircase features 101 steps.  I scampered to the top and then waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally … there she is dragging her weary ass up the stairs.

Thankfully the finish line was only a short distance from the top of the stairs so we finished with a smile and collapsed.

It was totally awesome to share this experience with her. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?




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