So.. I have a little Run Streak going on. It’s no Big Deal.  But I do qualify to be a member of  Streak Runners International / United States Streak Runners Association.  There are 4 steps to achieving this.

  1. Run at least one mile every day for a full year.
  2. Send them money
  3. Fill out the forms and submit.
  4. With forms include a  brief synopsis of  Running Career, and Additional Information

I completed Step 1 about 6 months ago.  Step 2 was done a couple of months ago. Step 3 took longer, but the forms have been printed and filled out for a few weeks now.   The lengthy delay has been caused by Step 4., the Running Synopsis.  I didn’t know what to write.  But I finally decided to just Keep It Simple, Stupid and this is what I am sending.

Everything is ready to go, and should be mailed tomorrow. Or the next day. Well, definitely this year.  Did I mention that I am a procrastinator.??

Running Synopsis

  • October 2013 – Started Couch to 5k program at age 51
  • February 2014 – Completed C25k
  • October 2014 – First 5k @CIBC Run For the Cure
  • October 2014 – First 10K @Legs For Literacy
  • Nov 30 2014  – Run Streak started
  • February 2015 – First Half Marathon @Hypothermic Half
  • Jan 2015 – current  – assorted 5k, 8k, 10k, 13k
  • October 2015 – Second Half Marathon @ PEI Marathon
  • February 2016 – Third Half Marathon @ Hypothermic Half
  • Currently training for International Bay of Fundy Half Marathon (June 2016) and planning to run my first Full Marathon this October at PEI Marathon.
  • My Run Streak started because a member in a Facebook Group (Did You Run Today) challenged people to run every day in December.  ( I had done a routine run on Nov 30, so I started a day early)   At the end of that month I planned to take a day off, but a coworker challenged me to Run Every Day in 2015.  Challenge accepted!  He dropped out after 4 months because of injury but I didn’t have a good reason to quit so I kept going.  And I am still going.
  • Member of Riverview Running Idiots.  I am actively involved in our twice-yearly C25k Clinics.
  • In  June I will be co-coaching a C25K clinic at my workplace


Additional Information

I started the C25k program with my daughter in 2013 because we wanted to do one of those trendy 5k “marathons.”  She moved 4000 km. away before we finished but I kept on going.   Without my daughter I didn’t pursue my dream of running a 5k event for almost a year.  I continued running for fitness, having finally found that the secret to weight loss is Running.

My daughter eventually moved home and  we ran our first 5k together at Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women in May 2016.  I am pleased that both of my sons are also learning to run.

And.. that’s that.  Soon I will see my name listed on the SRI/USRSA site. Yay, me!




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