Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women

This race had a lot of Ups and Downs and I am not just talking about the Hills. ( and there were a few of those too!)


  1. 13123182_10153432934182461_2682909771440428822_oMy daughter’ s first 5k.! We started running 3 years ago with the goal of running one of those trendy 5k’s .   Life happened and she moved 4000 km away so it was especially sweet to finally accomplish this.
  2. I got to wear Purple.. and some cool antennae so people could find Short Little Me in the crowd.
  3. It was a beautiful sunny day.
  4.  The route was trails that I run frequently.


5. I got to spend time  with some Fab #runatcan Peeps. Totally awesome to see Angela and Michelle.


6. My employer paid for my Race Registration. And they gave me a cool new Performance Tshirt.  We all opted to wear Purple for this event though. 13138860_1599329433718193_7844761133334841618_n

7.  I got to run another race with my sister. Here we are with our post-race sweaty faces





8. I had the support of my awesome Running Group the Riverview Running Idiots. .  Luv these ladies.





9.  I got to share this experience with some family members, some of whom were doing some Firsts.

10. Best Swag Ever!!

11. Awesome Volunteers ( except that one at the Food table )




  1. I couldn’t get the day off.  Working retail means a lot of weekend work, and our schedules are Subject to Change Without Notice.  Mine changed on Thursday and I realized that I would have  to work on the day of the Race. .  I ended up doing a Split Shift, 6 hours before, 2 hours after.
  2. I was not Rested prior to the Race.  A 5:00 am work shift will do that to ya.
  3. New glasses ( bifocals) meant a bit of peripheral blurriness when I forgot to tilt my head down to see what was near my feet.
  4. I forgot to eat before the race.  Seriously !  I didn’t remember until I was on my way out the door so I gulped down a Greek Yogurt and a piece of cheese.  At the race I tried to grab a granola bar from the Post-Race snack table but a volunteer snatched it from me and told me that they were for AFTER  the race.
  5. That stupid loop circa the 8k mark.  I was beginning to wilt physically at this point due to heat and lack of fuel but was feeling Mentally strong until I was directed to run down a steep bank and through a parking lot and retrace my steps.  And they have the nerve to call it a ” Bump.”
  6. The Hills ! oh, the Hills !
  7. I had to work go back to work for 2 hours.


This is a great event for a great cause with a lot of community support.  Over $23,000 was raised for the Beausejour Family Crisis Center.  This is the second time that I  have ran and it was especially sweet this year because there were so many family / friends who were running / walking their ” First.”  I prefer this year’s route which included some lovely wooded trails.  ( except that Bump, I do not like the Bump)

I am thinking that maybe next year I will be involved as a Volunteer.

Cheers to Women everywhere.










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