Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women

This race had a lot of Ups and Downs and I am not just talking about the Hills. ( and there were a few of those too!)


  1. 13123182_10153432934182461_2682909771440428822_oMy daughter’ s first 5k.! We started running 3 years ago with the goal of running one of those trendy 5k’s .   Life happened and she moved 4000 km away so it was especially sweet to finally accomplish this.
  2. I got to wear Purple.. and some cool antennae so people could find Short Little Me in the crowd.
  3. It was a beautiful sunny day.
  4.  The route was trails that I run frequently.


5. I got to spend time  with some Fab #runatcan Peeps. Totally awesome to see Angela and Michelle.


6. My employer paid for my Race Registration. And they gave me a cool new Performance Tshirt.  We all opted to wear Purple for this event though. 13138860_1599329433718193_7844761133334841618_n

7.  I got to run another race with my sister. Here we are with our post-race sweaty faces





8. I had the support of my awesome Running Group the Riverview Running Idiots. .  Luv these ladies.





9.  I got to share this experience with some family members, some of whom were doing some Firsts.

10. Best Swag Ever!!

11. Awesome Volunteers ( except that one at the Food table )




  1. I couldn’t get the day off.  Working retail means a lot of weekend work, and our schedules are Subject to Change Without Notice.  Mine changed on Thursday and I realized that I would have  to work on the day of the Race. .  I ended up doing a Split Shift, 6 hours before, 2 hours after.
  2. I was not Rested prior to the Race.  A 5:00 am work shift will do that to ya.
  3. New glasses ( bifocals) meant a bit of peripheral blurriness when I forgot to tilt my head down to see what was near my feet.
  4. I forgot to eat before the race.  Seriously !  I didn’t remember until I was on my way out the door so I gulped down a Greek Yogurt and a piece of cheese.  At the race I tried to grab a granola bar from the Post-Race snack table but a volunteer snatched it from me and told me that they were for AFTER  the race.
  5. That stupid loop circa the 8k mark.  I was beginning to wilt physically at this point due to heat and lack of fuel but was feeling Mentally strong until I was directed to run down a steep bank and through a parking lot and retrace my steps.  And they have the nerve to call it a ” Bump.”
  6. The Hills ! oh, the Hills !
  7. I had to work go back to work for 2 hours.


This is a great event for a great cause with a lot of community support.  Over $23,000 was raised for the Beausejour Family Crisis Center.  This is the second time that I  have ran and it was especially sweet this year because there were so many family / friends who were running / walking their ” First.”  I prefer this year’s route which included some lovely wooded trails.  ( except that Bump, I do not like the Bump)

I am thinking that maybe next year I will be involved as a Volunteer.

Cheers to Women everywhere.










One thought on “Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women

  1. And all that pizza! That was cruel! Lol awesome meeting you and Michelle as well! Congrats to your daughter 🙂


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