I can see clearly now…

I picked up my new glasses today! I have worn glasses for several years, but usually only when driving. Or curling, or lawn bowling, or basically anything that would require me to see something in the distance.

My optometrist describes me as a freak.  Well, maybe that is not the word that he used but it was implied.  With my left eye I can see Far Away quite well but can’t see anything near me.  With my right eye I can see Up Close but not Far Away.  And my brain has taught my eyes to not even bother to focus on what they can’t see.  So one eye sees Far and the other eye sees Near.  It shouldn’t be a problem, right?  I can see  Near and I can see Far.  What else do you need?

Depth Perception!  That is what was missing.  I had no depth perception, and that is really important when you are driving a car. So I got glasses to correct the near sightedness in my right eye.  With the glasses I could see Far Away with both eyes but it created a new problem. Now I couldn’t see a damned thing Up Close with either eye. So I seldom wore them because it was a pain in the A** to take them off every time I wanted to read something.

20160430_180740The solution is progressive lenses, also known as no-line bifocals, or in my case Trifocals.  I was instructed to wear them every day all day for 30 days to train my brain to send the right signals to my eyes to be able to focus at all distances.  The biggest difference is the peripheral blur at the sides and bottom of the lens but I am learning to turn my head slowly, and to tilt my head down to see what is near my feet.  After a few hours I think I have adjusted quite well to seeing things in a different way.  Reading is a bit of a challenge but I think I will get the hang of it with practise.  My left eye has not read a printed word for over 30 years so it might take  a few days to catch on.

I took the new progressive lens glasses out for a Trial Run this evening. Actually it was more like a Trail Run as I ran the 5k Trail at Mapleton Park.  I wasn’t sure how it would go with the peripheral blurriness but I didn’t fall over any tree roots, or rocks, or my own feet so that’s good , right?  I am feeling confident about wearing them for tomorrow’s Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women 10k.

See ya!


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