Ice Cream, You Scream

Soft ice cream is hard. I mean, yes it is Soft but it is hard to manage.

In addition to my regular full time job, I have a part time job on the Moncton Wildcats concession team.  I use the extra income to pay for my lawn bowling and running expenses.  ( Both are inexpensive sports, but I spend a lot of money doing them ! )  This season  I decided to take  a break and work less.  A lot less… tonight’s game could potentially be the final home game of the season and it was the first night that I worked.

catsI have done a lot of things at the Cat’s games…. hot food prep, cashier, vending services, slushie queen, and for a couple of years I was the hot popcorn lady.   I will let you decide if it was the Popcorn that was hot, or the Popcorn lady.  Tonight my job was simply to serve up soft ice cream cones.  Easy peasey , right?  NOT !!

Ice cream swirls out of those machines so fast and I found it challenging to get it to sit just right on the cone. The ice cream came out clockwise and you had to twirl the cone counter clockwise… or was it the other way around? This was definitely the most mentally challenging thing that I have ever done.  I had to really concentrate on every cone that I made… kinda like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time..

There were a lot of sideways cones served up tonight, folks!  And there were several that were too lopsided to present to the customer.   Guess what we did with those ones??  We dumped them in a cup and the staff got to eat them between intermissions.  I finally got the knack of it by the second intermission but by then  I had already eaten my body weight in ice cream.   That’s not a bad thing.  In my opinion the Wild Cones serve up the best ice cream in town. (not always the prettiest, but definitely the tastiest. )

I think I have a tummy ache. And my alarm goes off in exactly 6 hours.  Good night, all!


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